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2021 has been a big year for Minecraft, with not one but two radical game updates landing. With the year drawing to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s been going on in the Minecraft scene this year.
Of course, one of the most popular aspects of the game is its multiplayer servers. The online landscape is constantly shifting and changing to reflect the newest and most fun servers to play on at all times. This was definitely the case in 2021 as well, and there are some truly great servers that have risen to the top this year.

Purple Prison is one of the enduring Minecraft prison servers in existence, defining the prison genre at this point. Their discord server boasts an incredible 55,000 unique members and the Minecraft server has thousands of players at all times of the day.
Although the server was founded in 2014, its community has grown rapidly this year and now makes up one of the most popular servers in existence. This is mostly thanks to the many popular YouTubers joining and the uniquely fun gameplay on offer that cannot be recreated elsewhere.

Wynncraft is a well-known Minecraft RPG server with a lot of unique gameplay elements that have contributed to its outstanding popularity. This year was no different, and the server saw many thousands of players at all times of the day during the summer months of the year.
Furthermore, the server has also received widespread promotion from renowned Minecraft YouTubers such as “TommyInnit”, who recorded a mini-series on it.
Founded in 2010, 2b2t is an infamous server that likely needs no introduction to most Minecraft fans. It has a somewhat cult following of players and perhaps the biggest YouTube audience of any Minecraft server till date.
Those familiar with 2b2t will be aware that there are absolutely no rules on the server. This fact, combined with over 10 years of server lore, is part of what draws tens of thousands of people everyday to 2b2t. The chaotic, unadultered fun that can be had here simply cannot be found elsewhere.
CubeCraft is another very well-known Minecraft server that has been online since 2012. Although as of 2021, CubeCraft sits in second place in terms of popularity, it was, at one point, the most popular server to exist in Minecraft.
What’s made CubeCraft so popular in 2021, however, isn’t the Java Edition of Minecraft, but the Bedrock Edition. CubeCraft is currently the most popular Minecraft Bedrock Edition server and boasts thousands of players at most times of the day.
Hypixel is without question the most popular Minecraft server as of 2021. It broke the all-time Minecraft player count record in 2021, with an amazing total of 210,000 players online at once.
This outstanding achievement is mostly thanks to the variety of unique and fun gamemodes the Minecraft network has to offer, with the most popular including: Bedwars, Skyblock, Skywars, Murder Mystery, and UHC.

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