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You can choose which categories you want to be notified for.
For moderation, music, organization and more.
Having automation in your Discord server can help you moderate, play music, and record conversations, among other things. 
There are numerous options for adding a bot to your channel that can do any number of helpful things you might want. Every bot has different ways you can edit commands and each one might be a little bit different from another.
MEE6 is one of the more popularly used bots for moderation and offers a handful of free commands that moderators can use to mute or ban people and delete posts quickly. Meanwhile, Craig is a bot you can use for recording conversations and keeping audio files if you spend a lot of time interviewing people in Discord. Additionally, there are many Discord music bots including “Groovy,” which allows users to type a command that brings the bot into a Discord voice chat and begins to play requested songs for everyone in the chat.
The way you get started with using any bot is by inviting the bot to your Discord server. Typically this can be done by going to that bot’s website. For instance, MEE6 can be added to a server by going to
Once on that homepage, you can click the “Add to Discord” button, and if you’re logged into Discord, a popup screen will ask you to “authorize” the bot to be in your server.
Most other bots work the same way. If you look up Craig, Groovy, or any other bot a friend has suggested you add to a server, you will likely find an internet domain dedicated to it that will let you add the bot to your server with the push of a button. Just make sure to read over everything you might be authorizing the bot to do before you move forward so you aren’t putting yourself or those in your Discord at risk.
Here’s where you can find some of the more trusted Discord bots:
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