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League of Legends is light enough to run on the most ancient gaming machines today. This allows the game to reach millions of players, but it also means it comes with its fair share of errors.
Although pretty much every new patch fixes some known bugs, they also tend to introduce others. Troubleshooting each and every one of them may look like a long and arduous task, but it’s not as bad as you may think.
While it may sound simple, we recommend restarting your PC and closing all running processes before trying out any of the solutions that are listed below.
Here are some of the most common errors in League and how to fix them.
It’s annoying to get kicked out of a game by a BugSplat crash. But you can find some comfort in knowing that you’re a part of League’s development. Don’t skip out on reporting these crashes via the pop-up and contribute to getting it fixed.
The majority of BugSplat and generic League crashes without a name occur due to overheating, corrupted game files, hardware issues, or outdated drivers.  
Outdated drivers are one of the main causes of unknown crashes. New patches can also introduce undocumented changes that change the way League interacts with your GPU. These changes may require a driver update if they heavily depend on an upgrade by the GPU manufacturers.
Updating your graphics drivers should only take five to 10 minutes since both NVIDIA and AMD guide users through the process. Keep in mind that you should download the suitable version for your GPU by going through the lists.
Antivirus software has a history of detecting false positives within League’s installation or updates files that prevents the client from launching. The main reason behind this is that most files get installed to your PC in a zipped format, which makes them harder to scan.
Disabling or at least setting an exception for League’s files should allow you to bypass any errors you encounter while trying to update your game.
Limited user rights or programs with admin privileges can lead to crashing in League.
Running both the League client and the executable file of the game will ensure that the game reaches every bit of resource it needs to perform smoothly. 
Riot has a history of downloading new versions of these two files with every patch, so you may need to repeat this process every time a new patch hits the servers.
Repairing your client ensures that there’s nothing wrong with your League files. It also repairs the corrupted files it encounters and downloads the missing ones.
Though the client repair tool may get the job done, the Hextech Repair Tool will come in handy if you encounter errors and bugs frequently.
Hextech Repair tool can: 
These logs can be used by the League support team to pinpoint the source of your errors.
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