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Get ready for Seasonal Adventures and The Tower in Minecraft Dungeons.
Minecraft Dungeons is getting a big new update that will bring Cloudy Climb (the first of many Seasonal Adventures) and a new areas called The Tower into the immensely popular Minecraft spinoff game.
This massive new content drop for Minecraft Dungeons will surely help to keep the game alive, with both of those big new features bringing a hefty amount of new things to do.
But when do Cloudy Climb and The Tower come to Minecraft Dungeons? Keep on reading and we'll tell you everything we know, starting with that all-important release date.
If you're wondering when exactly when Cloudy Climb and The Tower will come to Minecraft Dungeons, we can do a pretty good job of answering that question right now.
The big Minecraft Dungeons update release date is expected to land in December 2021. That's when the first Seasonal Adventure and The Tower will drop in the game.
That release date window was revealed by the developers during Minecraft Live 2021. They didn't announce a precise date, but we'll be sure to let you know when they do. Watch this space.
The Tower is a new game mode in Minecraft Dungeons, where players will be able to test all their combat skills as they attempt to reach the top of the titular tower. It might take you a few attempts by the sounds of it. You can take an early look at The Tower in this brief social media teaser clip:
Seasonal Adventures will be a new series of content in Minecraft Dungeons – the first Seasonal Adventure is called Cloudy Climb, and it will land in the game in December. Further Seasonal Adventures will follow in later months.
Each Seasonal Adventure is kind of like a battle pass from Fortnite – you will have to progress through challenges to unlock new pets, flairs, emotes and skins.
And here's a cool fact – when a new Seasonal Adventure arrives, you will still be able to access the previous ones as well. All of this content will be here to stay, so get used to it! You can get an early tease of Cloudy Climb, the first Seasonal Adventure, below:
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The Tower in Minecraft Dungeons is confirmed to be free. And the developers have also confirmed that each Seasonal Adventure in Minecraft Dungeons will have a free track and a paid track, so you'll only have to fork out dosh if you really want to. Sounds good to us! We'll update this page when we learn more.
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