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Learn both built-in and bot commands.
Discord is known for its voice chat rooms and bots — both of which can be controlled using Discord text and bot commands. It is by far the greatest place for gamers and non-gamers alike as it holds the internet’s most active server communities. Discord is an evergreen app that keeps getting new members constantly as long as there are games to play with your friends.
But even beginners have to know the basic commands to fit in these community servers. Discord chatting rooms are a bit more complex than normal group chats, as you can do many things here with cool discord bots and plugins.
Let’s start with how to use commands in chat properly. By typing in the slash (/) key, you will see all the commands available in the Discord server (both Built-In and bot commands).
Press tab on your keyboard, use arrow keys to select a message, and use these shortcuts to interact with it:
Each bot has its own commands and can be viewed by typing the slash (/) key. There’s also the Discord Custom Commands bot, which can create as many custom commands as you want. If you want to know the commands for a certain bot, go to its homepage and look for commands. You can also type in /help plugin_name: to get a list of available commands.
The following are some commands for bots which you will see quite often on Discord.
These commands will help you easily navigate through your server and use multiple bots quite easily. For moderators, knowing these commands are a must.
In the meantime, check out our other discord guides.
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