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Jul. 27 2021, Published 8:51 p.m. ET
For many gamers, Discord has been a popular server to communicate with friends and others who share your same interests with. GameStop recently started its own Discord server in an attempt to connect more gamers together (though it quickly devolved into a chaos of memes about stocks).
While the app is often compared to Slack, Discord allows users to communicate through messages, file sharing, and voice and video calls. It’s become increasingly popular as an alternative messaging platform.
Recently, many users are finding that their profile pictures on Discord are blurry. While it’s not always important that you have the clearest profile picture, for many this is an increasingly frustrating issue.
Is there a reason the profile photos on Discord aren’t clear right now? Here’s why they’re not working, and the best avenues to fix it.
Many of Discord’s users access their servers through its mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. For users who have been using the mobile app, they’re finding when they change their profile photo, it often appears blurry.
“WHAT DID DISCORD DO TO MY PFP,” another wrote.
changing your pfp on discord be like pic.twitter.com/6JyPfulO7U
Your Discord profile picture should be around 128 x 128 pixels and a 1:1 aspect ratio for the best fit. Photos uploaded to the server as your profile picture can only be a maximum file size of 8 MB — though the closer to the maximum, the higher quality your photo will be.
If you’ve made sure your image isn’t too small, then your profile picture is likely blurry because of the current bug in the system.
This issue seems to be caused by a bug in the iOS app, and Discord tweeted that it is currently working on a fix.
“Just to give you a heads up, this issue with changing/uploading profile pictures on iOS becoming blurry is currently a known issue that is on our team’s radar, and I want to reassure you that our team investigating this further and working on a fix,” Discord tweeted.
i love how clear my discord pfp is 😫 pic.twitter.com/mlqdgzwXBQ
The company claimed to have released a fix only a couple of days after users initially reported this problem, though many are still claiming to have issues with their profile pictures. It is currently unclear if there is another fix on the way or when it can be expected to roll out.
If you need to change your profile picture immediately and can’t wait until the company rolls out a fix, then the simplest solution to the problem is to access your Discord server from a computer to make the change.
All servers can be accessed on a computer instead of a mobile device, as long as you know your login information.
It might also help to update your app to make sure you have the most recent version. If your app is up to date and still having this issue, you may just have to wait.
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