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The ’80s are back, and what better way to grow out your mullet and celebrate in style than by enjoying some of the many GTA: Vice City cheats? Whether returning to Rockstar’s homage to neon excess, or coming to it for the first time, Vice City’s cheats are the perfect way to spice up any playthrough. Sure, you can do the boring stuff—giving yourself full weapons and armour. But you can also cause indiscriminate chaos by spawning tanks and arming pedestrians.
It’s an eclectic selection of options, but unfortunately, unlike GTA 3 cheats and GTA: San Andreas cheats, there is no GTA: Vice city money cheat. You’ll have to earn those bucks the hard way. Or by gifting yourself an advanced weapons set and regenerating health.
So you want to use a GTA: Vice City cheat. That’s fine—no judgement here—but there is one important thing to remember: always save before entering a GTA: Vice City cheat, ideally on a separate file. Some cheats can be disabled by re-entering the code. Others will wear off when you quit and restart the game. But some, like the pedestrian riot cheat, are permanent, and can’t be turned off.
These permanent cheats require you to reload to a prior save state, and so it makes sense to contain the chaos to a new file. Otherwise you could potentially mess up many, many hours of progress. Don’t take that chance.
Here’s the easy part. To activate a GTA: Vice City cheat, just load up your game and type in one of the codes listed below. There’s no console command menu or anything like that: just type while in-game and enjoy your reward. Simple.
The awkwardly named GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition launched on November 11, giving us new, remastered versions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.
The majority of GTA: Vice City’s current cheat codes will work with the new Definitive Edition release—they’re an iconic part of the original games, after all, and it makes sense for Rockstar to retain them. The tables below detail what works and what doesn’t in the newly remastered version. 

While the codes above all have the same effects on console, albeit with different inputs, the following are PC only. Here they are:

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