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Dress for the cold.
Hespazym Alloy in Warframe is a second-tier craftable resource, which means you will need a blueprint and other resources to make it. To get the blueprint, you will need to hit the rank of Rapscallion with Solaris United, and can then purchase it from Smokefinger at Fortuna for 4000 Standing.
When you have the blueprint, you can make the Hespazym Alloy in the Foundry on your Orbiter using the following resources:
Hesperon can be found by mining red mineral veins on Orb Vallis, and it can also drop from any loot container on Orb Vallis as well. The Sunpoint Plasma drill will make it very easy to find mineral veins. It can be a pretty rare drop, so players may have better look farming the Exploiter Orb.
Plastids can be farmed on Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, and Eris. Our preferred farm from them is at Piscinas on Saturn. This is a Dark Sector Survival mission with a +20% Resource Drop Chance.
Morphics can be farmed at Mars, Mercury, Europa, and Pluto. Wahiba, a Dark Sector Survival Mission on Mars, is one of the best nodes to farm Morphics. Both Morphics and Plastid farming can be improved by using Warframes like Nekros, Khora with Pilfering Strangledome or
Each build will result in a stack of 20 Hespazym Alloy, and it is used to make a range of different items, cosmetics, and Warframe parts.

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