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Diehard Warframe players will want all the edge they can get in battle. Fortunately, players who are also Twitch Prime subscribers are eligible to receive all sorts of free loot in the form of drops. However, the method used to link Warframe accounts to Twitch Prime changed a bit with Twitch Drops 2.0. Here’s what you need to do to start getting Warframe drops in 2021.
How to link Warframe to Twitch Prime
It’s easy to link your Warframe account with Twitch Prime. You only need to head to the Warframe website, log in, then use the option to link your account with Twitch. The catch is that you may first need to un-link your accounts before linking them back together again.
Here’s the easy way to link your Warframe account to your Twitch Prime account:
Chances are good that a lot of Warframe players have already linked their accounts with Twitch. As it turns out, those players will need to un-link and re-link their accounts again. According to a post on the official Warframe forum, the advent of Twitch Drops 2.0 will require fans to undo and then repeat the link process in order to be eligible for drops in 2021.
Of course, that only applies to those who had previously linked accounts. If you’ve never taken advantage of Warframe Twitch drops before, the standard account link process featured above only needs to be performed once.
To take advantage of the latest Warframe Twitch drops,  simply link your accounts over at the game’s official website. If you had linked accounts before, you’ll need to unlink them and repeat the process again. Now that you’re eligible for free drops, take a moment to learn how to make quick and easy money. We’ve also got details about the status of Warframe cross-save and cross-progression in 2021.




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