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Here is how to join the New World Discord and access the new New World forums.
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New World Discord here
Amazon Games has revealed the official New World Discord is housed inside the Amazon Games discord server. Fans are starting to flood into the Amazon Games Discord, talking all things New World launch on September 28.
The announcement of the New World discord came during a new New World blog post published on the game’s website. The post went into detail on how fans, content creators, and developers can stay in touch ahead of New World. There are links to the forums, other social media channels, and, of course, the Discord.
The New World Discord offers the community managers and the community at large the opportunity to talk about the game. At the time of writing, the CMs are currently building the Amazon Games discord, filling in Lost Ark and New World channels.
Also, if you already know what server you are going on, the New World Forums are going to live for servers closer to the game’s launch. The New World discord community managers state the servers are SoonTM, so, if you want to find guilds and talk about New World servers, you should keep an eye on the Discord and the New World Forums.
Oh, and for those wondering what the New World launch patch notes are, they too will go live on the forums when the CM’s are ready to post the content. If you’re interested in all things social channels on New World, you should check out the link here. You can also get an invite to the New World Discord here. If you’re after the New World Forums, these can be found here too. Good luck keeping up to date, and let us hope we can find New World guilds and our soon to be server friends before launch. Let the battle for Aeternum begin, may the best New World faction win.
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