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For Minecraft players attempting to search out locations like structures or End portal rooms, running about underground can be an exhaustive effort, but there are ways to speed up that search through the use of X-ray glitches.

Although there are plenty of X-ray vision mods available online, they aren’t technically needed in some situations, as players can glitch Minecraft’s existing engine in the vanilla version of the game to gain sight through walls and floors as well.
There are various ways to glitch Minecraft and obtain partial X-ray vision throughout the game’s different platforms such as Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.
By the way that Minecraft operates, block surfaces are rendered when there are blocks deemed transparent between them and the player. When the player is viewing their character model, the camera has the ability to clip through blocks considered transparent in order to provide a view of the game environment.
When a player is suffocating, this is why their vision is blocked, as the block a player is inside is not transparent for the camera. With that in mind, it is possible to maneuver the character and camera to see through these transparent blocks.
The simplest way to achieve this X-ray vision in Minecraft is the use of the third-person camera in a 2-block high, 1-block wide tunnel.
Many players use these types of tunnels for mining already, but by switching to third-person view and moving the camera outside the bounds of the tunnel, players can see caves, structures, or other objects in the vicinity of the tunnel. However, this view is somewhat limited.

There are plenty of options outside of the third-person camera method, and some can be found below:
Minecraft: Java Edition
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
X-ray vision is incredibly helpful for finding structures and other vital objects, so it’s worth a shot if Minecraft players aren’t feeling up to installing a new mod or add-on. Give it a try the next time you play, you may be surprised by just how much you find.

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