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A number of streamers/content creators have in the past gotten hacked during live streams.
Considering the nature of their work, getting hacked online is always a reasonable risk for streamers. Fans and viewers are always on the lookout for personal details that streamers might reveal.
This information invariably makes its way to the internet where it can be used to hack into streamers’ systems. Other times, the streamer might just end up clicking a bad link, or themselves be responsible for allowing hackers to get into their system.

John Jack “Cizzorz” Cizek was hilariously hacked when he was playing/streaming Fall Guys. The streamer/content creator was left confused when he tried to click on “Names” icon and was dealt with a huge surprise. Cizzorz has often complained about the existence of hackers in Fall Guys.

As can be seen in the clip, instead of player names, a large message in red font with the animated word “c**k” popped up on his screen. Cizzorz was confused and asked his chat whether his “Fall Guys” was being hacked. The FaZe clan member’s fears were confirmed, and he hasn’t tried his hand at the game since September 2020.
Nicholas “NickMercs” Kolcheff had gotten into a spot of bother back in November 2018 with respect to his Fortnite account. NickMercs was playing Fortnite and had planned to join fellow popular streamer Turner “Tfue” Ellis Tenney. However, his login details were somehow leaked and Epic Games does not allow the same account to be logged in from different places at the same time.

As can be seen in the clip above, NickMercs was redirected to the log-in page on Fortnite and had a resigned reaction to getting hacked.
He found out that his Fortnite name had been changed from NickMercs to “Feared the Lord!” Additionally, as Tfue was unaware of the situation, the hacker in question ended up featuring on his stream instead of NickMercs for a brief period of time.
Known as one of the best Fortnite players in the world, Tfue was on the receiving end of a major hack back in August 2018. Multiple social media accounts of the former Fortnite pro were hacked immediately.

This included his Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. In his own words, the hacker first hacked his phone and then used two-step verification to gain access to all of his accounts.
The hackers had begun posting vulgar messages from his accounts, although Tfue was able to gain control after a few days.
Ali “Myth” Kabbani has also had his fair share of experiences with hackers, and regularly runs into them during live streams. However, the popular streamer/Fortnite pro got into a similar situation like NickMercs did back in February 2018. He was playing Fortnite when he found himself redirected to the log-in page.
When Myth entered his details, they were rejected. This initially confused the streamer and he eventually worked out that his account had been hacked. As can be seen, Myth appeared quite worried about the situation as he told his viewers what had happened.
Epic Games eventually helped Myth gain access to his account, just like in the case of NickMercs.
Timothy “TimTheTatman” John Betar has also had a long-drawn experience with a hacker. Back in 2018, Tim noticed a flurry of suspicious activity on his Twitter account. Somebody else had been sending messages to people on the platform, which led to the streamer changing his password.

With that, the suspicious activity on Twitter ended. However, within days the streamer was informed on Twitter that somebody was using his Epic Games account! TimTheTatman explained that as he tried to regain access to his Epic Games account, his “computer started typing to him.”
to sum it up he told me I clicked a link that LOOKED like a normal link but it wasn’t.. so basically.. I’m never clicking a link for the rest of my life.
This led to a conversation between the streamer and the hacker, who apparently had no malicious intentions. TimTheTatman had clicked on an online link that gave the hacker access to his entire system. The “good-guy” hacker confessed that he had been inside the streamer’s system for about a month.

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