Warframe Dog Days 2021 – How To Collect Rewards, Soaktron, Nakak Pearls – DualShockers

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Enjoy the seasonal event and grab Dog Days rewards until June 25!
By Manisha Priyadarshini
Head over to the beach arena to collect Dog Days rewards during the ultimate Warframe Dog Days Tactical Alert event.
Read more below to find out how to participate in the event and earn Dog Days rewards.
Dog Days Tactical Alert 2021 is a summer event in Warframe that takes place in the beach arena. On entering the event, you get an ultra-powered Soaktron squirt gun to participate along with other players. Players who win the watery brawls at the event, get to claim rewards.
In the beach arena, there no mods, pets, or abilities. It’s a fun engagement between players where the team with the most soaks before the timer runs out wins the event.
So grab your ultra-powered Soaktron rifle and head towards the beach arena to win this splashdown event for rewards. The Dog Days event is already live on all platforms and it will end on June 25 at 2 p.m. ET.
During the event, you can earn currency that can be exchanged at Nakak in Cetus for extra Rewards, including Floofs, Captura Scenes, and more.
By participating in the Warframe Dog Days event, you can earn the following rewards:
The Soaktron is a modified version of the weapon that is used by Nox in the Dog Days Tactical Alert. It sprays water instead of toxins (in the regular version).
In the Dog Days event, Soaktron merely acts as a toy gun that can be used to hit moving targets. If you run out of water, just reload your Soaktron weapon at the water fountains shooting which can be found throughout the arena.
Once you enter the event, you will automatically gain the Soaktron rifle.
Nakak Pearls are a type of currency that players can earn in the Warframe Dog Days Tactical Alert. It can be exchanged for prizes with Nakak in Cetus. So be prepared for a splashdown with the Dog Days Ephemera, that can be obtained from Nakak for just 1 Pearl.
Please note that this item will disappear from your inventory at the end of the Dog Days event.
On redeeming 490 Pearls from Nakak, you can get a new skin for your favorite rifle permanently.
Warframe Players can celebrate Pride month all year long with the Pride Color Palette, which will be available in the in-game market for 1 credit (starting June 7 at 2 PM ET until June 30 at 11:59 PM ET).
It is important to note that the Pride Color Palette Palette can be earned only during the month of June. However, upon unlocking, it will remain in your inventory for Pride celebrations permanently.
Manisha (She/Her): A technology enthusiast who enjoys gaming and writing about it. Also Manisha: A couch potato who loves to binge on anime, memes and food.

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