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Out now on PC.
Digital Extremes’ free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe has just released its new Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack update on PC, aiming to fix the game’s “overly complicated” space combat.
Warframe initially introduced ship-to-ship combat as part of 2019’s wildly ambitious Empyrean expansion. In a new post outlining today’s update, Digital Extremes calls Empyrean a “daring leap into space [with] some missteps” that ultimately ended up being “overly complicated with an unnecessarily high barrier to entry.”
The goal of Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack, then, is to remedy these issues, and simplify space combat for new and returning players.
Warframe – Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack.
“Lowering the barrier to entry starts with lowering the cost of ship components and time to build them,” explains the developer in a separate post. “It also means removing the need for Dry Docks in your Clan Dojo! Instead, Dry Docks are now available in the Kronia Relay on Saturn and the Orcus Relay on Pluto.”
Players who’d rather get stuck straight into the space combat action without faffing around gathering resources also have the option to buy a fully built Railjack via the in-game market.
The Railjack itself has also undergone a considerable makeover; it’s now faster, for starters, featuring new turret positions on the bridge, and a new layout designed to bring the ship’s most vital functions closer together.
To coincide with Warframe’s Railjack overhaul, Digital Extremes has massively expanded the Corpus Proxima area of deep space with three new planets – Venus, Neptune, and Pluto Proxima – each introducing new enemies, new point of interest, and more.
Additionally, the area now features more varied missions types for Railjacks, including Orphix – in which players attempt to take down Sentient invaders – and Volatile, where participants must sabotage a Capital ship. Notably, those wanting to play solo now have the option to recruit, train, and customise a crew of NPCs to take on specialist roles during Railjack missions.
All this is in preparation for Warframe’s Call of the Tempestarii update, which is currently expected to launch on PC this “spring”. Proxima & The New Railjack and Call of the Tempestarii will arrive on consoles simultaneously.
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