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Role-playing in GTA has been around for nearly a decade now given the amount of control it gives players over gameplay. Players can have a normal life and create and inhabit any kind of character they want.
To access GTA RP, players first have to find and join an RP server. This is quite a challenge primarily because of the sheer number of servers out there and the whitelisting process involved in joining them.
Players want to join the servers that their favorite streamers frequent, but most such servers are often closed off. Getting into these premium servers is a tedious task and most players are better off looking at other options.
This article lists five of the best servers for GTA RP that can cater to all of a player’s needs in 2022.

No Pixel is arguably the most popular RP server out there. It is one of the first major RP servers and has been active for several years now. Their server updates are often subject to great attention by the GTA Online community.
While around 200 spots are offered to players on NoPixel, being accepted is no easy task. A rigorous application process, along with a significant donation, awaits players who are interested in joining NoPixel. Readers should note that NoPixel only supports 32 players at a time.
Sykunno, xQc, and Summit are some of the most popular streamers who are part of this server.
NoPixel 3.0 is credited with making GTA RP the most-watched Twitch title. Players are able to take the role of everyone from a cop to a sanitation worker. Many believe that this flexibility is what led to the explosion in viewership.

Eclipse RP is similar to NoPixel but with less restrictions on joining and a capacity of 200 players at a time.
The most exciting part of this server is the forum section where players can join specific crime families or jobs. The ability to join anything from the Los Santos Irish Mob to the Los Santos Medical Services (and often both at the same time) is what makes Eclipse RP one of the most popular RP servers out there.
There is a member-only Discord server and their application process is relatively straightforward.

This is a completely text based RP server, as a large section of players do not want to speak with strangers but still want to enjoy GTA RP. There is a sign-up process, and players will be joining a 500 member strong community if their application is successful.
This server requires users to have Rage installed, as opposed to FiveM, and active participation on the Discord server is encouraged. The level of personalization offered is much greater than other servers on this list, along with various businesses, factions, and services that players can engage in.
Users who want to customize to their heart’s content and don’t mind compromising on other gameplay elements should definitely check out GTA World.

The MafiaCity RP server has been the source of a lot of speculation for some years, as it was in the development stage for quite some time. Now in business, MafiaCity offers users a “dynamic” legal and illegal group system along with customizable player businesses.
This server is also hosted on Rage, and does not have any NPCs. This has been done to ensure greater player participation and create a more immersive RP environment.
Members of the server have been quoted as saying that the choice of roles is truly endless. Players can be anything from a dreaded criminal to a star mechanic at Los Santos Customs.
Players looking for a good balance of all RP elements should definitely pay a visit to MafiaCity.

Family RP is the most serious role-play based server on this list. The role-playing component is highly engaging in this server which is why they have an extensive application process with a rather low approval rating.
A section of players who are not satisfied with the role-playing component in any other server should apply to Family RP where they’re certain to have a satisfactory experience.
The fact that the developers have been able to go beyond the roles concept to provide a truly customizable world for the player to explore at his will has made the server one of the most watched RP servers currently.

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