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GTA V can be a difficult game to run, so we’ve got the best settings to enhance your graphics and boost your FPS.
GTA V is one of the most popular games in the world, but with its huge map and crazy action, it can be tough for your computer to handle. Here are the best GTA V PC settings so you can boost your FPS.

Grand Theft Auto V was first released all the way back in 2013, but eight years later, it still attracts millions of players a year. From GTA Online to modded servers like NoPixel, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Los Santos.
The fifth entry in the legendary series is set in San Andreas county and offers the biggest map that GTA has ever had, coming in at 30 square miles of land.
With all the buildings, vehicles, NPCs, and more found in the game, it can be tough for computers to run it well. To give you a hand, we’ve put together the best PC settings to enhance your graphics and boost your FPS.
If you’re struggling for FPS in GTA V, there are some surprising settings you can change that could have a big impact on your performance.
You may not even notice the grass while you’re driving around Los Santos, but knocking the quality down from Ultra to Normal can add 12 extra frames per second. Turning MSAA anti-aliasing down is also very useful, with big performances improvements between 8x, 4x, and 2x.
You can view our best graphics settings below.
Graphics Tab
Advanced Graphics
Of course, if you’re running very old hardware, there might not be any GTA V settings that can help your FPS. For everyone else, the settings listed above should help boost your FPS, and make your time in Los Santos smoother.
To see if your computer can run the game, check out GTA V’s minimum and recommended PC specs, then take a look at the fastest cars in GTA Online.
Image Credits: Rockstar Games
A notable Apex Legends leaker has claimed that Respawn Entertainment are currently working on a Free-For-All mode for the game.
A new Apex Legends leak has suggested that Respawn Entertainment might be working on a Free-For-All game mode that will be added in a future update.

Apex Legends game modes provide fun new gameplay opportunities, and the Control LTM in Season 12 proved to be so popular that players were calling for the devs to have it return later in the season.
The success of the Control LTM has players wanting more game modes, and a new leak suggests that the developers could be working on a Free-For-All style mode that will arrive in a later Apex Legends season.
Apex Legends data miner ‘Kralrindo’ claims to have found a new LTM titled “FreeDM” in the game files, and its name teases that it could be a Free-For-All mode that the developers are currently working on.
Free-For-All modes task each individual player in the lobby with killing anyone they see, and the unlimited respawns ensure that you can keep coming back to secure kills until the match finally ends.
According to the leaker, the files reportedly mention “killing spree,” “score event,” and “point value,” suggesting that this game mode will be focused securing on a large number of kills during a single match.
While the mention of “killing spree” and “colony wall run” could be referencing Respawn’s Titanfall 2, the files also mention Season 12 so it’s possible that this is an upcoming Apex Legends LTM.
"Free Death Match" sounds about right, also there are some new materials added with s12 also called "FreeDM"
At the time of writing, there aren’t more details about this game mode and it’s worth keeping in mind that these are currently just leaks, so take this information with a grain of salt until the developers verify it.
That said, it wouldn’t be too surprising to discover that Raven Software are planning to introduce another fun game mode after the overwhelming success of Season 12’s Control LTM.
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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment
Warzone Pacific players are asking the developers to add a classic Fortnite feature to counter the broken weapons in the game.
Warzone Pacific players are calling for the developers to add Fortnite’s classic vaulting feature in order to fix some of the most broken weapons in the game.

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update brought some notable weapon balancing updates that have impacted the game’s meta, with weapons like the MP40 SMG and C58 Assault Rifle being hit with nerfs.
Warzone’s PPSh-41 SMG received a secret buff which has made it extremely overpowered, and this has led to players calling for the addition of a classic Fortnite feature to counter this problem.
Reddit user ‘digit_zero’ expressed their frustration with how “broken” the Warzone PPSh-41 has become after the secret buff before bringing up the idea of temporarily removing overpowered weapons from the game.
The Redditor suggested that Raven Software add a vaulting mechanic like Fortnite’s in order to disable weapons that become broken after balancing updates, preventing them from appearing in lobbies.
Many of the commenters were on board with this idea, and one user wrote: “Agreed, the weekend is the only time for casuals to play and when this happens it basically rules out the weekend.”
A few commenters showed concern that temporarily removing weapons would cause more complaints, but one user stated: “Fortnite has a vault system and there hasn’t been much of an outcry about it.”
Warzone Pacific Season 2’s PPSh-41 SMG buff has massively boosted the gun’s TTK (Time-To-Kill), allowing players to take out their enemies extremely quickly even if they just shoot their feet.
At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not Raven Software will implement this feature, but vaulting weapons would help with the sheer amount of guns available in the game, which can be overwhelming.
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Image credits: Activision / Raven Software / Epic Games
The Apex Legends 20 kill badge is difficult to obtain, but we’ve got some great tips and tricks that just might help you on your journey.
Respawn’s battle royale has many badges for players to obtain, but possibly the most difficult to gain is the Apex Legends 20 kill badge. Here are our tips and tricks to improve your chances.

Respawn’s Apex Legends is now in Season 12, and despite growing in popularity immensely over the last few seasons, new players are still being exposed to the game and playing for the first time every day.
Having said that, whether you are new to the game or not, you may be aware of the many badges players can gain for each Legend. The Apex Legends 20 kill badge is possibly the most sought-after badge, and these tips and tricks might help you get it.
In order to get the 20 kill badge, players must rack up 20 kills in a single battle royale match. Unfortunately, players cannot gain the 20 kill badge in Arenas or LTMs, but it would be a pretty big achievement if you got that number of kills in the 3v3 mode.
You may think that only Apex Predators and Masters are good enough to get this kind of badge. However, in reality, it takes time and patience to get the 20 kill badge, as well as a little bit of luck.
Here are our tips and tricks for getting the Apex Legends 20 kill badge.
Just getting a victory can be demanding some days in Apex Legends, but the key to reaching your goals and getting something like the 20 kill badge is being patient. Although this isn’t necessarily a gameplay tip, having a mentality of taking your time and working to achieve something can also be applied to your gameplay.
For example, if you’re off to a good start in a match and have picked up some kills off the drop, stay patient and don’t start losing composure. Work out how many enemies are left alive, figure out a plan to eliminate the number of enemies you need, and stick with it.
Similarly to being patient, players will also have to be persistent on their journey to getting the 20 kill badge. Not every match will have the same opportunities, some games will end early, and the chance to get 20 kills may be distant after the first round.
Some games will be different and have an abundance of players right up until the final circles. Just stay persistent and don’t give up, that perfect lobby will come.
Sometimes dropping hot may give you the best chance of obtaining the 20 kill badge, especially if you get off to a good start and survive the chaos. However, sometimes it’s best to drop strategically, get the loot you need, and push the areas you know players will be fighting.
Check out our guide on the best landing spots for Olympus, which is one of three maps in the rotation for Season 12.
The worst thing that can happen is for you to be close to your 20 kill badge, and some random teammates swoop in, taking the final kills you need to reach the goal.
You can avoid this by simply unticking “Fill Teammates” in the lobby, allowing you to play games as a solo. Or, you can equally get one of your friends to help you obtain the badge by asking them to assist you, doing damage to enemies so that you can still get the kills.
Hopefully, these tips can help you get the Apex Legends 20 kill badge in Respawn‘s battle royale. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so keep trying!
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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment
Raven Software made stealth changes to the inventory screen in Warzone’s Season 2 update, but players find it infuriating.
A notable Apex Legends leaker has claimed that Respawn Entertainment are currently working on a Free-For-All mode for the game.
Warzone Pacific players are asking the developers to add a classic Fortnite feature to counter the broken weapons in the…
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