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A team of advanced hackers exploited no fewer than 11 zero-day vulnerabilities in a nine-month campaign that used compromised websites to infect fully patched devices running Windows, iOS, and Android, a Google researcher said.

On Thursday, Project Zero researcher Maddie Stone said that, in the eight months that followed the February attacks, the same group exploited seven more previously unknown vulnerabilities, which this time also resided in iOS. As was the case in February, the hackers delivered the exploits through watering-hole attacks, which compromise websites frequented by targets of interest and add code that installs malware on visitors’ devices.
In all the attacks, the watering-hole sites redirected visitors to a sprawling infrastructure that installed different exploits depending on the devices and browsers visitors were using. Whereas the two servers used in February exploited only Windows and Android devices, the later attacks also exploited devices running iOS. Below is a diagram of how it worked:
The ability to pierce advanced defenses built into well-fortified OSes and apps that were fully patched—for example, Chrome running on Windows 10 and Safari running on iOS—was one testament to the group’s skill. Another testament was the group’s abundance of zero-days. After Google patched a code-execution vulnerability the attackers had been exploiting in the Chrome renderer in February, the hackers quickly added a new code-execution exploit for the Chrome V8 engine.
In a blog post published Thursday, Stone wrote:
The vulnerabilities cover a fairly broad spectrum of issues—from a modern JIT vulnerability to a large cache of font bugs. Overall each of the exploits themselves showed an expert understanding of exploit development and the vulnerability being exploited. In the case of the Chrome Freetype 0-day, the exploitation method was novel to Project Zero. The process to figure out how to trigger the iOS kernel privilege vulnerability would have been non-trivial. The obfuscation methods were varied and time-consuming to figure out.
In all, Google researchers gathered:
The seven zero-days were:
The complex chain of exploits is required to break through layers of defenses that are built into modern OSes and apps. Typically, the series of exploits are needed to exploit code on a targeted device, have that code break out of a browser security sandbox, and elevate privileges so the code can access sensitive parts of the OS.
Thursday’s post offered no details on the group responsible for the attacks. It would be especially interesting to know if the hackers are part of a group that’s already known to researchers or if it’s a previously unseen team. Also useful would be information about the people who were targeted.
The importance of keeping apps and OSes up to date and avoiding suspicious websites still stands. Unfortunately, neither of those things would have helped the victims hacked by this unknown group.
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