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All three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 — Michael, Franklin, and Trevor — begin the game with individual stats assigned to them. At the very beginning, Michael excels at combat, Franklin at driving, and Trevor at flying. But despite their alignments early on, you are easily able to increase their stats and abilities organically through in-game activities. Performing certain tasks or using skills tied to a stat will increase that specific stat more quickly.
Below is a complete list of the eight stats in Grand Theft Auto 5 and the best way to increase them quickly and easily.
Stamina increases your character's ability to spring, swim, and pedal.
How to increase stamina: Stamina is increased by 1% for every 18 yards you run, every minute you swim, and every minute you cycle.
Strength increases your character's hit damage, improves durability and climbing speed, and increases proficiency in sports.
How to increase stamina: Strength is increased by fighting people with your fists and by playing sports. (Note: Michael can gain strength quickly by winning a tennis set)
Shooting improves accuracy, increases magazine capacity, and quickens reload time.
How to increase shooting: Shooting is improved by accurately hitting enemies. The more headshots you get, the faster you'll improved. You can also head over to the Shooting Range and complete the challenges. Gold Medals increase 3%, Silver Medals increase 2%, and Bronze Medals increase 1%
Stealth increases your speed and reduces the noise you emit when in Stealth Mode.
How to increase stealth: Stealth is improved by performing successful Stealth Takedowns.
Flying improves your maneuverability in planes and resistance to wind effects
How to increase flying: The best way to improve flying is to practice. Fly for long periods at a time or attend Flight School.
Driving increases your ability to perform trick maneuvers.
How to increase driving: Like flying, the best way is to just drive. Perform trick maneuvers and wheelies. Stunt jumps are the fastest way to increase.
Lung capacity determines how long you can hold your breath when underwater.
How to increase lung capacity: Without using Scuba Gear, swim underwater for long periods at a time to increase your lung capacity.
Each of the three main characters have a special ability. Increasing your Special stat increases the maximum storage capacity and duration of your Special Ability.
How to increase your Special: Depending on the character you are playing as:
Have any tips and strategies of your own? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected].
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