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Spice up your Discord server.
When you join a Discord server these days, the chances of receiving a welcome message from MEE6 is high. It’s one of the most popular bots for the platform and most Discord mods rely on it to automate their servers.
MEE6 allows users to perform tasks that usually require a couple of clicks to complete while also offering new features like games and playing songs from YouTube. Considering the substantial number of available MEE6 commands, it can be hard to identify all the best commands to use on your channel.
The following commands should be more than enough to capture the MEE6 experience. From setting birthdays to playing music on your server, MEE6 will have your back as long as you enter the correct inputs.
Most of these commands require users to enter usernames that start with “@.” If you enter the wrong username or don’t type one at all, MEE6 won’t be able to execute the command due to missing information.
Setting up MEE6 is as easy as using its commands. Make sure that you’re the admin of the Discord server that you’re trying to add MEE6 to and head over to its official website. Click on the login button on the top right corner and sign in with your Discord credentials.
Once you’re logged in, click on Add to Discord and you’ll be guided through the rest of the process. Choose the permissions that you’d like to grant MEE6 and, after confirming, MEE6 will be added to your server. You can verify whether it’s active with the commands above.
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