Warframe: What is Baro Ki'Teer Selling This Weekend? (Aug. 13, 2021) – Attack of the Fanboy

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Baro Ki’Teer, the Void Trader, is back in the relays for the majority of this weekend. Make sure to pay him a visit, he’s got things you don’t want to miss. 
He is currently on the Orcus Relay on PC and Xbox, and the Larunda Relay on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The Orcus Relay can be accessed on Pluto, but you will need to be at least Mastery Rank 8. The Larunda Relay has no mastery requirement.
I’d prioritize going for the Primed Pressure Point if you had not collected it already. Even with melee nerfs, this mod still comes in quite handy. Then prioritize the Prisma Angstrum and Obex for additional mastery points. The Prisma Obex are a mostly forgettable weapon, but the Angstrum can do some decent damage. Then I’d go for a handful of Axi A2 Relics; the Lex Prime and the Aklex Prime are solid hand cannons to farm. 
As for Console Tenno, here is what Baro is selling for the weekend of August 13:
The store for console Tenno is actually quite amazing. If you haven’t already, start with the primed Heated Charge, Primed Pack Leader, and Primed Fast Hands mods. Then try to snag the Prisma Machete, Prisma Gorgon, Opticor Vandal, and Prisma Veritux for the mastery points. 
Console Tenno are going to be hurting much more in terms of credits and ducats with such a good store rotation. So go out there and crack relics, take on the Profit Taker, or earn massive credits in the Index so you won’t miss on this weekend’s wares. 


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