Warframe's Nora Night Has New Rewards To Offer In Nightwave: Nora’s Choice – GameSpot

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Nightwave Intermission 3 concluded, but a new limited-time event is here with exclusive rewards.
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Warframe’s newest season offers 30 unique rewards containing Tenno-sought treasures, weapons, cosmetics, and mods through Nightwave: Nora’s Choice. This is a limited-time event from Nora Night, the pirate radio station host.
Players can chase after new rewards and some returning fan favorites. The rewards include Ride The Wave Glyph, Waveform Euphemera, Eros Ephemera, Forma Bundles, Umbra Forma, Keratose Sugatra, and Nora’s Choice Creds.
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Although Warframe Yareli was introduced in the Sisters of Parvos update in July, players can now earn exclusive Yareli-inspired gear. It includes the Yareli and Merulina Noggle Statue, Ride the Wave Poster, and Exposing Harpoon Augment Mod. There are additional customizations such as Harrow Crucis and Yareli Physalia Helmets.

Completing daily and weekly challenges offer unique rewards so players won’t get awarded duplicates. Instead of duplicates, players will receive 50 Nora’s Choice Creds. These Creds are an in-game currency that can be spent to obtain new items.
Player’s can find daily and weekly challenges and rewards listed in the Nightwave system menu. The Nightwave menu is accessible through the Orbiter’s Navigation Console or the main menu.
Leveling up their Nightwave rank unlocks rewards and Nightwave Creds. These ranks function similarly to season passes found in other games. There are 30 ranks in every Nightwave.
Here is the 30 rank reward list:
Nora’s Choice is the newest Nightwave season in Warframe, and it’s now live. Digital Extremes has not set an end date for the event.
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