Where is the army base, Fort Zancudo, in Grand Theft Auto V? – Dot Esports

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The base is easy to find.
Grand Theft Auto V has maintained its spot as one of the most popular open-world games as thousands of players still enjoy exploring Los Santos and the surrounding areas.
The map is full of interesting places to explore, which might be overwhelming for newer players. One place every player should check out is the army base in GTA V, called Fort Zancudo, which is exciting and dangerous.
Fort Zancudo is located at the base of Mount Josiah on the western coastline of the map. The base partially sticks into the ocean, which should help you identify its location. Players can reach the base with any vehicle, although all have their own risks. 
For example, flying over the base will cause air traffic control to issue warnings and receive a two-star wanted level. Continuing to fly over the base results in a four-star wanted level, and the base will open fire. Base personnel will also issue warnings at the base’s entrance and open fire on any players who stay in the area or enter the base. It is possible to enter Fort Zancudo by jumping the fence with a vehicle, but a four-star wanted level will occur as soon as a soldier spots you. 
While entering Fort Zancudo is risky, it is a fun location to visit and contains a few rare vehicles. Players can steal fighter jets parked in hangers or on the airstrip and fly away if they act quickly. Soldiers will consistently shoot at you, however, and powerful vehicles like tanks patrol the area. 
If you and your friends are looking for a fun way to pass the time in GTA V’s online mode, consider trying to enter the army base. 
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