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Discord is Silently Building an Empire of Bot Based App
Discord has been silently building its bot-based app platform for the past few years. More than 30 per cent of Discord’s servers now use bots, and its 150 million monthly active users use 430,000 of them each week on Discord. Now that bots are an essential part of Discord, the company is embracing them even more to search and search for bots on Discord.
A new app discovery feature will start to appear on Discord in spring 2022. Verified apps and bots (numbering around 12,000 at this time) will be discoverable through this feature. In addition, developers will be able to opt for visibility once they are fully prepared for a new influx of users who can easily find their bots.
Bots are powerful on Discord and offer a variety of server customizations. Discord server owners install bots on the servers to help moderate them or offer mini-games or features to their communities. There are popular bots that will spit out memes daily, bots that will even help you create your own bot or music bots that allow Discord users to listen to tunes together.
Two of the most famous music bots, Rythm and Groovy, were recently forced to go offline by Google due to their use of YouTube to play music on Discord servers. It’s an incident that rocked the Discord bot community and confirmed that Discord bots are becoming popular enough for a large multinational company like Google to take notice.

Discord has gradually improved its official developer API, including slash commands to make learning how to use a bot easier. Buttons, drop-down lists, and the ability to embed bots in menus have also recently been added to a Discord server.
The discovery of the new app will undoubtedly help Discord users find bots more efficiently, rather than relying on third-party websites or simply finding bots using a search engine. Discord also makes adding an “Add to Server” button in the profile of the botis a bit easier to add bots to servers.
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