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Experienced Minecraft players know that there are several ways to fly in every mode. But unless you know the exact steps, flying might seem too complicated.
If you want to know how to enable flying in Minecraft, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you how to fly in several modes and even explain how to fly in Survival mode.
Every new player is eager to learn how to fly in Minecraft, and that’s why it’s crucial to know how to enable it in every mode.
For example, in the Creative mode, you can begin to fly as soon as you start building your world. On the other hand, if you’re in Survival mode, the only way to fly without cheat codes is to use Elytra wings with a fireworks rocket. If you want the best of both worlds, you’ll have to enable cheats.
Using cheat modes allows you to fly as if you’re in the Creative mode on various devices. Here’s how it’s done:
Should you want to fly in Minecraft while playing it on your Mac, Windows, or Chromebook, you’ll either create your world in Creative mode or change the game mode to Creative.
If your Minecraft world is already in Creative mode, all you need to do is double-tap the space key to levitate and do another double tap to come down. Since flying is necessary, you are expected to use this feature while building or transporting blocks.
On the other hand, if you’re in the Survival mode, you can fly with the help of cheats it in a few simple steps:
When you allow cheats, you can use codes to change your world’s mode. When you start using the console box, a simple line like “/gamemode c” enables you to do it. Of course, there’s an abundance of codes you can use to stay alive forever, destroy enemies, and make sure never to lose your inventory.
Using Minecraft PE on your Android or iPhone gives you limited options when it comes to flying. You should either find Elytra or use a cheat code. If you want to save yourself from the trouble of going to End City, you can fly with the help of cheats.
The same process applies when you want to experience flying in Survival mode on several devices. Once you allow cheats, the whole Minecraft world can change its fundamental rules. You’ll notice that the hunger and experience meter are no longer visible, and that’s how you’ll know that you’re now in the Creative mode.
Minecraft allows you to fly in Survival mode, but only if you change the game mode to Creative. Once you decide to enable the cheats, a new LAN world will become active. In that one, the codes will enable flying, teleportation, and generating any kind of block, only to begin with.
It’s important to mention that cheats are only available in versions of the game that received the Better Together update. Since PS4 is still not among them, you can use cheats on Xbox One and platforms like Windows 10 and Switch.
Now that your mode allows you to fly, here’s how you can start flying using Xbox One controls:
Before you continue with your game, you’ll have to ensure that cheats are turned on. Here’s how:
When you change your Minecraft world mode, you can use a cheat code to fly. If you jump twice or use “F12,” it will make you jump higher and start flying. Using jump and sneak buttons, you can control whether you’re flying high or low, and when you’re close to your destination, you can safely land.
Keep in mind that while you have the cheats on, players connected to your world won’t be able to get any achievements for any accomplishment in Minecraft. Of course, they could use codes and enhance their gaming abilities, but achievement remains disabled until the end.
In Bedrock and Education Edition of Minecraft, you’ll have to use a different syntax to enable flying. “Mayfly” is a command suitable for checking the player’s ability to fly. To set player’s ability to fly, you should type “/ability <player’s name> <true/false>.”
The best way to run a command in Minecraft is to use it through the chat window. For most Minecraft versions, all you need to do is press “T” to open the window and type any command. If you want to enable a player to fly using the “mayfly” command, follow these steps:

Here’s a list of flying commands for various devices that you can use to play Minecraft:

• On Windows, PC, and Mac, you should click the space key twice.
• On Android or iPhone for Minecraft PE, click the jump button twice.
• On PS3 and PS4, tap on the X button twice.
• On Xbox One or 360, use the A button twice.

Once you’re in Creative mode and don’t know how to fly, you might get stuck floating above the place you want to land. Don’t forget that you’re invincible since there’s no way that a fall can hurt you. Here’s how a flying session looks like in Minecraft:

• Load the game in creative mode.
• Start flying by tapping the space key twice.
• Use the left “Shift” button if you want to slowly descend to the ground or tap the space key twice, and you’re quickly on the floor.

There’s only one way to fly in Survival mode, and that’s with the help of Elytra. If you go to the End city, you can find the wings and the firework rocket to launch you in the air. You can use them to glide through space and go wherever you want. Nonetheless, you have to be careful since the rocket on your back can hurt you unless you use the skin as protection.

You can fly in Creative mode as it’s one of the primary ways of building objects as it helps you gather building materials from all over. In survival mode, you can also fly without cheats using Elytra wings and fireworks rockets. Overall, you can find flying tools in almost every Minecraft tool without using any cheat codes.

There are three tiers of fireworks in Minecraft. Tier one is the slowest firework you’ll need for lift off, you can easily craft this with one gun powder and one paper. Tier two fireworks will help you to fly faster and you’ll need two gunpowder and one paper.

Lastly, you can craft a tier three firework with three gunpowder and one paper. Just beware that if you’re using a tier three rocket in the Nether you may wind up in lava due to the game’s inability to load the graphics at such a high rate of speed.
Minecraft is a game that allows you to be endlessly creative. With cheat codes, you can fight monsters, create whatever you imagine, get all the necessary gear, and even fly. All you need to know is how and when to enable them.
Now that we’ve explained how flying in Minecraft works, you’ll have more fun exploring these options in both Survival and Creative mode. What do you like about flying in Minecraft? Do you think it’s a useful ability? Have you tried it already?
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