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Warframe‘s Rising Tide update went live on PC this week, setting the stage for the massive Empyrean expansion coming later this year. The update allows players to construct a Dry Dock and begin the steps towards building their Railjack, the large interceptor spacecraft that’ll completely revamp space combat in Warframe.
The Rising Tide begins the journey towards the Empyrean update, and it begins with the crafting of the Railjack Cephalon. So how do you begin crafting your Railjack? It’s actually a two-part process that requires you to be a part of a Clan.
Dry Docks are part of a Clan Dojo, so you’ll want to either begin your own or join an already existing one. Building Dry Dock requires the following resources:
Once the Dry Dock is complete, the Clan must research the Railjack Cephalon at the Railjack Research Console. The amount of materials required is dependent on the size of your clan. The larger your clan, the more materials it will require and vice versa.
The smallest clan size requires this:
I’ve also seen research requirements in this range:
Once research on the Railjack Cephalon is complete, anyone in the Clan can replicate a blueprint of it for 35,000 Credits.
Once you obtain the Railjack Cephalon, you can craft it, which will require the following materials:
You can obtain these materials by going to Orb Vallis and completing the T-4 bounties. All three materials are common drops that rotate, which makes this the quickest farming way. An alternative option is completing Invasions.
The Cephalon Cy requires six hours to build. Once it is built, you can open your Codex and find the Rising Tide mission fully unlocked. Once you start it, simply bring the Cephalon Cy to the Dry Dock and install him at the marked console. Once you install Cephalon Cy, you’ll need to locate the six necessary Railjack components as part of the Rising Tide quest.
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