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The Shazwin used to be a decorative piece in Warframe, but the recent 25.7.0 update has upgraded it to a fully playable instrument. The Shazwin will let you bust out of some tunes when you are in one of the game’s social areas, or even in a mission. Don’t just sit on the objective and badly play Wonderwall; however, nobody likes a lazy Tenno.
To play the Shazin, you must first purchase one from the Market. If it is your first time purchasing a Shazwin, you will also get the relevant emote that lets you play it. Make sure you assign this Emote in the Arsenal.
To play the Shazwin, you will need to open up your Emote Wheel and pick the Shazwin Emote from there, which will start an animation. Your Warframe will pull out the Shazwin and kneel, and a new UI will populate on the screen.
This is where it all gets a little bit more complicated, and I would advise you to check out the relevant section of the Warframe wiki. The good Tenno who looks after it have a full list of controls, including how to change scales, and even have instructions on how to achieve specific notes.
Correctly playing songs on the Shazwin is not easy, but if you are musically minded, you should be able to figure it out with a little practice. Now, go forth and entertain your fellow Tenno.

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