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Surviving in a classic flat, or rather, an unmodified Superflat world in Minecraft might seem easy at first glance. It’s miles, and miles, of flat land, how hard could it be?
Superflat is an option for world customization that gives players an entirely flat, grassy world. In Minecraft Java Edition, there are various presets that players can choose from while creating a Superflat world.
The presets often give players a bit of an easier time than the original Minecraft classic flat world would. Since presets often come with perks, like spawning structures other than villages, spawning trees in the overworld, and there being cobblestone layers underneath the dirt, players can mine resources such as iron, diamonds, cobble, and coal.
Classic flat worlds are comprised of four layers, one grass block, two dirt blocks, and, finally, bedrock. There’s no way to mine for resources beneath the surface, no caves or other underground structures, trees don’t spawn naturally in the world, and every inch of the flat land is crawling with slimes even during daytime.

Doesn’t seem so easy to navigate now, does it? Fret not, in this article players will get the five best tips to survive an unmodified Superflat world in Minecraft.
The only structures that spawn in Minecraft classic flat worlds are villages. Thankfully villages in the classic flat worlds spawn quite frequently.
Villages are, almost entirely, what makes survival possible in classic flat worlds. As they are a treasure trove for food, materials, and shelter.
Players just starting out in a classic flat Minecraft world are going to want to seek out the nearest village as soon as they can. Once they find a village it’s time to rob the villagers of their resources. Here’s a checklist of things to loot, or check for loot, once players have found themselves in a bountiful Minecraft village.
Staying near villages can provide for easy shelter through the night. Though because of the frequent spawn rate of villages, players don’t necessarily have to stay in the first village they loot.
If the in-game sun isn’t setting and there’s another village in sight, it’s absolutely okay to loot one village and take shelter in another. If anything, it reverses the guilt of looting and tearing apart these poor villages.
The downside to miles of flat ground and villages that look identical is that it’s easy for a player to get lost.
In order to avoid running in circles around the same village players might have looted in the past, it’s important to create landmarks. These can be fully-fledged cobblestone towers that loom high above the ground, or mail arrows pointing them in the right direction towards their house or village.
It’s useful to create these landmarks for a number of reasons. Not only to direct adventuring players back to their homes, but also to mark different villages that have been looted or explored. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding a village in Minecraft, and then discovering a bunch of empty, already looted, chests.
Slimes are adorable, squishy mobs, and the little ones are generally harmless and can yield slimeballs when killed. However, be cautious around big slimes. They can inflict two hearts of damage on normal difficulty, and, to make matters worse, they will chase players.
Slimes might be easy to outrun, but because Superflat Minecraft worlds tend to spawn so many of them, it’s easy to get surrounded or have multiple slimes attacking at once.
Players should steer clear of the hoards of slimes that gather and bounce around in the Minecraft overworld. Until the player has at least acquired a sword and some armor, it’s best to suppress the need for slimeballs.
Where slimes don’t spawn, animals will. It’s not uncommon to find a herd of a specific type of animal gathered in the Minecraft overworld. These animals can be any neutral Minecraft mob you can find regularly in the plains biome, such as, cows, sheep, chickens, horses, donkeys, and pigs.
Although breeding is something that players can use once they’ve established themselves a bit more, in the beginning it’s useful to just kill animals for food. Since spawn rates in the Superflat Minecraft worlds are a bit wonky, it’s possible that if players leave a certain group of animals for later they could despawn, or be a completely new herd of animals.
Cooked meats and better than food from crops for healing. Since the hostile mob spawn rate, including slimes and mobs that spawn at night, is so high it’s important to prioritize being able to heal efficiently after an attack.
It is not wise for players to travel through the night, as the overworld is often crawling with hostile Minecraft mobs. There will be close encounters with creepers, witches, spiders, skeletons, zombies, endermen, spider jockets, and more.
It isn’t even advised to go outside in a village at night, even if the village is well lit. Hoards of zombies will flock to villages at night in order to try and kill villagers.
To make survival easier, it’s advised to sleep through the night and let as few hostile mobs spawn as possible. If, for any reason, players need to leave the safety of their home to gather items that some hostile mobs drop, here are a few tips to survive the night:
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