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Start it off right.
Image via Digital Extremes
Warframe Kuva Lich system generates special enemies that will hunt your Warframe down across the system, steal your resources, and generally be a pain in the butt. Creating a Kuva Lich can be done easily, but there are some important considerations you need to take into account when you do it.
The most important thing before generating a new Kuva Lich is to think about which Warframe you want to use to do it. The Warframe that creates a Kuva Lich will determine what elemental damage bonus the Kuva Lich weapon will have, and the type of Ephemera they will have if they spawn with one. Finally, the Progenitor Warframe will dictate the Lich’s abilities.
Below, you can find a table with the Progenitor Warframe for each element. Prime Warframes will generate the same elemental type for the Lich as the standard Warframe will.

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