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So you’ve hopped in on the hype bandwagon, and are one of the quarter-billion users of Discord. You might be a gamer, an influencer, an employer/employee, or just a user who’s there for fun- Discord serves all as one of the popular online communication apps.
As you might have noticed, it is quite a user-friendly app, with clear navigation means. However, some of the features might be quite tricky to figure out, especially if you are new to it. Today, we will cover one of the most Frequently Asked Questions- “How do I delete a server in Discord?”
Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a simple step-by-step guide. But first,
Now that you’ve set your mind, here’s what to do to delete your server.
And Voila! you’re done. You’ve successfully deleted an unnecessary server.
If you don’t have the app installed on your Mac/PC, or prefer the phone over it, fret not. Removing a server from an Android / Tablet / iOS is equally simple and quick.
And.. that’s it! You’re done and dusted with the server permanently. Easy, right?
We hope this quick guide was helpful to you! Stay tuned for more of such tricks, hacks, news, and more. 

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