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Play together.
Image via Digital Extremes
Warframe has been entertaining players on various platforms since 2013. Digital Extremes initially launched the game on PC before porting it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and eventually event the Nintendo Switch. Because the game can be played on so many platforms and is becoming more and more expected in modern gaming, people are asking when Warframe will be cross platform.
Warframe’s developers have confirmed that they are bringing the feature to the game later in 2022. The announcement was made at Tennocon 2021, but Digital Extremes have not given out any further details.
One of the main reasons why it took so long is that Warframe’s updates used to arrive at different times on different platforms. This means PC would have access to content before console, and those players would not be able to play together.
Cross platform play will allow players on different platforms to all play together, regardless of what platform they play on themselves.
The crossplay feature does not have a fixed release date, but Digital Extremes have confirmed it will arrive in Warframe sometime in 2021. It is sure to arrive in the game as part of a more significant upgrade that gives players plenty of new content to explore together.

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