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Here are seven best nightclubs in Grand Theft Auto Online.
By Shivam Gulati
Nightclubs in Grand Theft Auto 5 are so much more than a medium to have fun. And if you’re wondering which nightclub locations are best for you to visit, here’s everything you need to know.
Of course, most players visit nightclubs in GTA 5 to get crazy and have some fun. However, there are several Nightclubs in GTA 5 Online that players can invest in to make passive income. The good thing is that you don’t have to visit the nightclub too often; it will create money for you while you are busy finding other business opportunities.
Unfortunately, for new players, it’s often difficult to figure out what nightclubs locations are best in GTA Online. Well, don’t fret because, in this article, we’ve mentioned seven amazing nightclubs you should definitely buy in the game.
GTA Online introduced West Vinewood Nightclub on July 24, 2018 (Via: GTA Base). The property came with the 1.44 After Hours update, and it will cost you $1,700,000 to buy this property. However, with a storage capacity of 36 vehicles, the nightclub is worth every penny.
Location: Vinewood West, North Los Santos
Price: $1,700,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
Located in Vinewood Downtown, North Los Santos, Downtown Vinewood Nightclub costs almost around the property at the first spot. It was introduced in the 1.44 After Hours update in 2018, and it comes at a price tag of $1,670,000. Finally, it also has a stage capacity of 36 vehicles. So basically, the nightclub gives you everything that West Vinewood Nightclub has, but the good thing is that it is $30,000 cheap.
Location: Downtown, North Los Santos
Price: $1,670,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
Interestingly, this nightclub is set up in a new paint factory in Strawberry, South Los Santos. The property features an excellent and crowded atmosphere, especially during the nights. However, you’ll have to spare $1,525,000 to get your hands on this property.
Location: Strawberry, South Los Santos
Price: $1,525,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
According to Del Perro Nightclub’s description, it is a 20’s style building that will offer you a “post-ironic” thrill. Costing just $1,645,000, the property is located in North Los Santos and features a space for 36 vehicles. So, if you have that amount of money to invest into a business, maybe you should consider buying this nightclub in GTA Online.
Location: Del Perro, North Los Santos
Price: $1,645,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
Finally, the last one on our list is Mission Row Nightclub, located in Mission Row, Downtown Los Santos. The property was introduced in 2018, and since then, it’s considered one of the best nightclub locations in GTA Online. Also, with a price of $1,440,000, it’s also the cheapest compared to other properties on the list.
Location: Mission Row, Downtown Los Santos
Price: $1,440,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
Rockstar introduced Elysian Island Nightclub back in 2018 as part of the 1.44 Hours Update. The property is located on Elysian Island, so it is incredibly close to the sea. With a price of $1,080,000, it is one of the most affordable nightclubs in GTA 5. And at that price, it comes with a storage capacity of 36 vehicles.
Location: Elysian Island
Price: $1,080,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
GTA 5 introduced the La Mesa Nightclub along with the Elysian Island Nightclub as part of the 1.44 Hours Update. You can buy this nightclub by paying $1,500,000 from your pocket. Of course, some players may find this property a bit expensive, but its location near the highway makes it quite appealing.
Location: La Mesa
Price: $1,500,000
Where to Buy: Maze Bank Foreclosures
So, these are some of the best nightclub locations in GTA 5 Online you could find in 2022. Of course, there are other properties in the game that might interest you. However, we decided to restrict the list to only seven nightclubs for now.
Shiv (He/Him) is a video game enthusiast who loves exploring everything happening in the gaming community. He enjoys competitive games in particular, even though he loses most of the time. He is an entertainment and gaming reporter at DualShockers.

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