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Minecraft is one of the top-selling games all across the world. Every day, many new players are starting their journey into the blocky world of Minecraft. Rather than a fun and playful experience, some players may end up getting annoyed or confused.
For a block game, Minecraft can be pretty complicated with various mechanisms and features. Players will have to protect themselves from monsters, keep their hunger in check, and build a base to store valuable items and loot.
This article shares some tricks for beginners. These tricks will undoubtedly come in handy for all newbies.
Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s views.
Minecraft has a bunch of hotkeys already added in the game. In simple words, hotkeys are a combination of two or more keys, which on pressing, do a specific task. There are shortcuts to switch items from the player’s right hand to left hand, drop items, move stacks of items, and more.
Players can learn the hotkeys to make their Minecraft life somewhat less complicated.
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In Minecraft, hostile mobs spawn at places with light levels below 7. While the sun is out, players don’t need to worry about hostile mobs. However, they will spawn everywhere at night time. Players can prevent mobs from spawning by placing light sources.
Torches are one of the cheapest light sources in Minecraft. By surrounding their base with torches, players can prevent mobs from spawning.

The recipe book is one of the most helpful features for beginners in Minecraft. After obtaining a new block or item, the game unlocks all recipes related to it.
Remembering recipes of all things is not possible for everybody. Players can access the recipe book from the crafting menu.
While this isn’t precisely a tip, players can use shields to protect themselves from various dangers. Beginners may think shields can only protect them from arrows.
However, shields can prevent almost all types of incoming damage, including creeper explosions and tridents.

Minecraft, like many other games, also has a fall damage system. It also has many game features that defy the laws of physics.
No matter what height the player is falling from, they will take no fall damage if they land on water. Just before touching down, players can place water to survive the fall. This trick may seem too difficult for beginners, but it’s all about timing. With some practice, anybody can do it flawlessly.

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