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Android Apps & Games / How To Delete A Discord Server
Discord is a great tool for communicating with friends and other like-minded individuals, but if you for whatever reason want to delete your Discord server this handy guide will walk you through the steps on completing that process.
Discord, for all its many useful features and occasional faults, is a wonderful tool for communication. Whether you’re chatting the night away with friends about random topics from food to science, or making callouts to teammates as you all play online multiplayer games, Discord is there to keep everyone in contact.
There’s a Discord server for just about everything these days, or so it seems like. Now if you’re the owner of a Discord server, you might wonder what all you can do with one. You can find out a little more about that from our guide here. You also might wonder why you’d want to delete a Discord server if it’s getting good use. Meaning people are consistently active on it.
There are a number of reasons why you might want to take such a drastic measure. Maybe you simply want to start fresh with a new server and keep things more organized. Maybe you’re actually not interested in using Discord anymore and just want to take the server down. Whatever the case, the process isn’t too lengthy and it’s relatively easy to do.
No. Discord servers can have many members, but each member in a Discord server can also be given a role by the server owners and its moderators. So members can be locked out of a wide array of different features. Like admin controls. That being said, only the owner of the server can delete it. So if you don’t want to delete your server, or you’re not sure, no one else can make the choice for you.
Basically, your server is safe from everyone else.
First, you need to head to your server in the list of servers that you’re a part of. Deleting a server can’t be done from the main Discord settings. Although you will find a lot of other useful stuff in there pertaining to your personal Discord account.
So, make sure to select your Discord server and move forward.
How To Delete A Discord Server 3
If you’re already in your server within the Discord app, you’ll see all of the server’s channels along the left side. Above that, you should see your server’s name, then a little dropdown arrow right next to it. Click the dropdown arrow to bring up a list of options.
How To Delete A Discord Server 2
Once you have the dropdown options open, scroll to and select server settings.
How To Delete A Discord Server 1
There are a lot of other options for the server in here. Like creating and managing member roles, updating the server’s profile image, checking the audit logs which lets you see who is doing what within the server when any changes are made, and a whole bunch of other stuff,
All the way at the bottom of the list is an option highlighted in red that says “delete server.” Simply click that and Discord will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the server. This confirmation process will have you type the name of the server into a letter box and then you’ll need to click delete again to finalize things. And that’s basically it.
Nope. Once you delete a Discord server it’s forever lost to the caverns of time. So long. Goodbye. Good day. You do not pass go. Etc. etc. With that said, make absolutely sure you want to delete your Discord server before you go through this irreversible step. Because if you have a change of heart afterward, you’re out of luck.
Then you’ll end up having to go through the process of creating the server again from scratch and add everyone back. And trust us, that can be an annoying process you don’t want to go through. We’ve done it before and it becomes a pain having to put everything back the way it was. Especially when you have channels for specific things to keep stuff organized and a large number of members that you need to re-establish roles for.
So to recap, be certain you want to delete your server. Because there’s no going back.
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