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Here are the minimum and recommended PC requirements to get the best performance from Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online.
Although being out on PC for over six years, Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online are as popular as ever. Here are the minimum and recommended PC specs to get the best graphics and performance from GTA 5.

Thanks to the RP community and plenty of exciting updates, GTA 5 and GTA Online have remained popular long after release. The PC version allows you to boost the graphics quality and install mods, so you may be wondering if your PC can run it.
Here are the minimum and recommended PC specs to run Grand Theft Auto 5.
As GTA 5 has been out for several years, you don’t need anywhere near a top-of-the-line rig to run it. The very minimum GPU is 2008’s NVIDIA 9800 GT, which only has 1GB of VRAM.
The only thing you may need to worry about is the Storage Space. Although Rockstar Games suggests only 72GB, GTA 5 will now take up over 100GB. We’ve updated the requirements to reflect this.
Of course, you’ll need a slightly more powerful rig to run GTA 5 at its recommended settings.
You’ll need 8GB of RAM and a GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM.
The GTA Remastered Trilogy’s PC requirements have also leaked, revealing the game will likely be more intensive than GTA 5.
Grand Theft Auto 5 is also receiving a next-gen upgrade for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. However, there’s no confirmation that the PC version will be receiving any further enhancements.
Image Credit: Rockstar Games
Apex Legends Season 12 has some weapon changes in the patch notes. This has once again influenced the rankings for the best weapons.
Apex Legends players have had plenty of time with the new content in Season 12, and just like any season, the changes in the recent patch notes have definitely influenced the weapon meta. Let’s get into the best guns in Apex Legends by looking at every weapon ranked.

Apex Legends Season 12 may not have brought a new weapon to the game, but various changes in the patch notes have impacted the game’s arsenal.
These changes shifted the weapon meta once again, and as new weapons rise to the top, we have a list of the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 12 so you’re clued up on which ones to use.
Here is every gun ranked.
As well as giving you a list of the best weapon to use from each category, we first want to rank every single weapon in Apex Legends Season 12. This list does not include care package weapons.
Of course, this list isn’t gospel, and most weapons in Apex are viable. Having said that, this list will reflect the current in-game meta, giving you a good idea of which weapons are considered to be the best within the community.
Here’s every weapon in Apex Legends Season 12 ranked:
The proceeding list is the best weapons in the current Apex Legends meta for each class, excluding the care package weapons.
The G7 Scout, Kraber, Alternator, and Spitfire are all powerful, but they are care package weapons so you won’t find them every game, hence their exclusion.
Despite being nerfed this season, the Rampage makes for a great medium to long-range weapon with a large mag, high damage, and a slow fire rate.
The best thing about the weapon is the option to charge it up with a Thermite Grenade, which speeds up its fire rate and allows you to break doors just by shooting them.
When charged up, the weapon becomes even more deadly as it can be used at closer ranges. However, this weapon definitely excels at longer distances, especially as it has hardly any recoil.
This is why the Rampage takes the top stop for us as the best LMG in Season 12 of Apex Legends, as its ability to do consistent damage at range and the option to speed up its fire rate for close range makes it very strong.
The C.A.R SMG is the latest weapon to be introduced into Apex Legends. Boasting a high fire rate and extremely fast DPS, it takes the top spot among the Sub Machine Gun class.
At close range, the weapon shreds and is even very accurate when firing from the hip. The recoil can be pretty hard to control, so make sure you’re within the weapon’s range. With attachments, the recoil becomes more controllable.
You’ll definitely want an extended mag with this weapon due to its high fire rate, and that’s where the best thing about the C.A.R comes in. The C.A.R’s best feature by far is that it takes both Light and Heavy ammo, as well as magazines.
This makes it extremely flexible, and whether you find a Heavy or Light mag, you’ll be able to use it with this weapon and make it even more deadly. This also means that you’re hardly ever short for ammo, which is an important aspect of dominating in Apex Legends.
The R-301 is the most reliable weapon in Apex Legends Season 12 and has been for a while now. Not only is the recoil extremely easy to control for those longe range engagements, but the R-301 also has an excellent fire rate and hip-fire accuracy for those close range battles.
The R-301 is always a great weapon to pick up and allows you to be more experimental with your secondary, as you can use it as a close or long range weapon.
Snipers aren’t the easiest weapons to use, but the Longbow is one of the more generous choices. As the latest map Storm Point is Apex’s largest, Snipers are great on it – the Longbow especially.
The Longbow has a pretty consistent fire rate and damage. The headshot multiplier is also huge, meaning if you get a headshot, you can usually down someone in just two or three shots.
The consistency in fire rate and damage is what makes the weapon so great in Season 12. If you’re able to get used to the bullet drop, hitting enemies with the Longbow will become a breeze.
While the Triple Take has taken some serious nerfs this season which has led to a decrease in its output, it still remains the best and most consistent Marksmen Rifle in Apex Legends Season 12.
As many players will remember, the Triple Take shoots three bullets at a time in a trident shape unless you ADS long enough for the precision choke to pull the bullets in. This is the most effective way to use the Triple Take, as hitting an enemy with all three bullets is lethal.
The Triple Take is great from range, but one of the main reasons it’s the best Marksmen Rifle in Season 12 is because of its versatility. Many players will know that the Triple Take is also kind of like a shotgun in close quarters.
Shots come out fast, and the hip-fire is very accurate. This means you can swap to it and finish enemies off or even crack shields then swap to a more reliable SMG. The Triple Take can do high damage at range, especially when you hit a headshot, and is also great in close combat, making it the best Marksman in Season 12.
Since the Eva-8 took some pretty big nerfs in Season 11, the Mastiff has definitely stepped up to the plate of becoming the best Shotgun in Apex Legends. The Dual Shell Hop-Up for the 30-30 and Mastiff means you can reload this weapon extremely fast, as each shell now reloads two bullets.
This is extremely useful in a game like Apex where timing and being fast is everything. Being able to quickly reload and get back in the fight can mean life or death. With a high rarity Shotgun Bolt, this weapon has a fast fire rate as well, allowing you to get high damage shots off quickly.
One thing to note about the Mastiff is that it’s a close-quarters weapon and you’ll need to be up in the enemy’s grill to really reap the benefits of this high damage shotgun.
This isn’t a tough decision, as the Wingman is only competing with the RE-45 and the P2020. However, the Wingman is still the hard-hitting powerhouse it has always been.
If you’re hitting your shots with this weapon, it’s extremely deadly and a great option as a secondary for anyone with a fast, rushing playstyle. Although it has a slight nerf with the removal of Skullpiercer, it’s still powerful and can still hold the Quickdraw Hop-up, allowing for a fast ADS.
There you have it, all the weapons in Apex Legends ranked as well as the best weapons in each class for Apex Legends Season 12.
For more on Apex, keep it locked on Charlie INTEL for news and updates, and if you liked this article, check out when the Control LTM will be returning.
Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players have discovered that the Octane infinite stim glitch is back in Season 12, causing more issues for the devs.
The notorious infinite stim glitch is back once again in Apex Legends Season 12, making the fastest character in the game, Octane, even faster.

Apex Legends’ recent update in Season 12 did introduce some much-needed improvements for FPS and performance across all platforms. Having said that, it also disappointed those who were enjoying Control, but there are rumors that it will return in the future.
As well as the discovery of a recent speed glitch, the update seems to have also brought back the infamous stim glitch, which makes Octane even more of a problem than he already is.
Reddit user RossBobSquirrel brought the community’s attention back to this glitch with a new post titled: “Octane infinite stim glitch returns.”
This Octane stim glitch has been found and removed a few times before, but here it is again in Season 12, causing another headache for the devs.
The glitch allows players to infinitely stim, moving extremely fast without having to wait for the stim to recharge. While this does whittle your health down to almost nothing, leaving you pretty weak, it’s pretty powerful for rotating and getting away from enemies, giving players an unfair advantage.
It seems to work by throwing down Holosprays after using the stim, getting the timing right will cancel the cooldown on Octane’s Tactical.
Players have been reacting to this glitch returning in the comments, with one player even stating that Season 12 is “the season of returning glitches lmao.”
The user who found the glitch stated that it “should work on PC and Console,” as well as stating that this version of the glitch doesn’t seem to be “fast/powerful as in previous seasons.”
Having said that, we definitely advise against using this in-game, especially in ranked, as it could result in a ban. Respawn will likely patch this soon, but it may take some time considering it keeps on returning, perhaps they will look for a more permanent fix.
For more on Apex Legends, check out who the most popular Legends are in Season 12.
Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment
Thanks to the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a weekly Prize Ride vehicle, and here’s how to get one, and what it is.
A new GTA Online weekly update has arrived, and players can get their hands on the Dinka Sugoi for free as the GTA Online Prize Ride March 3 vehicle.

Rockstar brought a new GTA Online update on March 3, adding the Flash GT as the new Diamond Casino Podium Reward vehicle, along with major discounts and bonuses across Los Santos.
This week’s update features the Dinka Sugoi as the new Prize Ride Challenge vehicle that can be obtained for free after completing a challenge, and we’ll detail everything you need to know.
In order to unlock the Dinka Sugoi in GTA Online, you’ll need to finish in the Top 3 in Pursuit Races for five days in a row to complete the Prize Ride Challenge.
This five-door hatchback normally costs $1,224,000, but if you can prove your racing skills are up to the task, you’ll get it for absolutely free.
Here’s Rockstar’s official description of the Sugoi:
How do you let people know you’re interesting and exciting without engaging in conversation or even making eye contact? The Dinka Sugoi has as much finish and flash as the elaborate mating ritual of a bird of paradise. Just paint it bright, beam the lights, and powerslide your way around town to lure the admiration and friendship that you alone could not.
Each week, players can unlock a new vehicle for free at the LS Car Meet. From March 3, players will be able to get their hands on this awesome car, but only until March 10, 2022.
With all the new content drops in these weekly updates, GTA 6 confirmed to be in development, and the GTA V Enhanced and Expanded Remaster nearly here, the franchise has a lot on its plate.
Also, check out our article on the GTA 6 release window possibly being revealed in the Take-Two earnings call, and stay tuned for the March 10 Prize Ride vehicle when it releases!
Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki
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Apex Legends Season 12 has some weapon changes in the patch notes. This has once again influenced the rankings for…
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