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Published: 28/Aug/2021 14:24
GTA 5 players think they might have spotted a first look at graphics changes coming in the Expanded and Enhanced next-gen update for the Rockstar Games classic. 
While GTA 5 is almost a decade old and has spanned across three different console generations, a true next-gen experience for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners has not yet dropped.
Rockstar have confirmed that what they’re calling the Expanded and Enhanced version – don’t get your hopes up for any DLC, though – will launch in November, giving next-gen console owners what they desire.
As is usual, however, the game developers have been remained reasonably quiet about the update. They’ve teased new graphics and quicker load times but they are yet to show off what is coming to the new consoles.
Well, they might have done so in pretty under-the-radar fashion as Sony dropped a trailer for some games that’ll be coming to PS5 in the near future.
Tucked away amongst clips of FIFA 22, Ratchet and Clank, Final Fantasy, and Horizon are two quick looks at GTA 5. There’s no mention of it being gameplay footage from the Expanded and Enhanced version, but given it’s amongst all-new games, that’s what some fans have assumed.
While there are only two quick glimpses at GTA, slowed that, it appears that the explosions look slightly different from the current-gen version of the game. It also appears as if the game renders further and much clearer as well.
We know how you feel.
— PlayStation (@PlayStation) August 27, 2021

There isn’t too much to go off apart from those brief looks, but it does appear as if we’ve had our first look at the next-gen update for GTA.
Rockstar are unlikely to drop too many updates around the next-gen changes, but we wouldn’t rule out a longer trailer before November 11, just to show the differences between current gen and next.
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