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Numerous Free Fire YouTubers from all around the globe have profited from the enormous community that has formed around the game. One of the names that has made a mark is B2K, aka Born2Kill. Millions of users are familiar with this specific YouTube channel due to the fantastic gameplay videos and montages.
It is essentially operated by two brothers and has more than 8.69 million subscribers. The view count has crossed 568.55 million as well.
B2K’s Free Fire ID is 320653047. The names of the two brothers who run the YouTube channel are Moez and Walid.
B2K has 9368 squad games to his name and has 1676 victories, retaining a win rate of 17.89%. In the process, he has secured a total of 54433 kills with a K/D ratio of 7.08. He has also landed 18040 headshots at a rate of 33.14%
He has competed in 3138 duo matches and has remained unbeaten in 510 games, possessing a win rate of 16.25%. With 14815 kills and 5303 headshots, he has a K/D ratio of 5.64 and a headshot rate of 35.79%.
The YouTuber has appeared in 1410 solo games as well and has 173 wins, equating to a win rate of 12.26%. He has notched 4650 kills for a K/D ratio of 3.76 and has secured 1503 headshots at a rate of 32.32%.
Born2Kill has featured in 34 squad matches and has secured seven victories, leading to a win rate of 20.58%. With a K/D ratio of 4.33 and a headshot rate of 58.97%, he has 117 kills and 69 headshots.
Apart from this, the content creator has participated in one duo game but failed to notch a kill or a win.
B2K has played 2048 games in the Clash Squad mode and has 1695 first-place finishes, ensuring a win rate of 82.76%. The player has racked up 25331 kills and 11519 headshots with a KDA of 4.46 and a headshot rate of 45.47%.
As per Social Blade, the monthly income from the primary channel (Born2Kill) is between $1.4K and $21.8K. On the other hand, the yearly earnings lie between $16.4K and $261.8K.
Readers can use this link to join the Discord server.
B2K’s rise to popularity has been quite incredible.Two years ago (March 2020), he had around 2 million subscribers, and he has gained over 6.6 million since then. There are 418 videos on the main YouTube channel, out of which the most-watched one has 14 million views.
Despite not having uploaded any content in over a month, he has managed to amass 60 thousand subscribers and 5.453 million views within the last 30 days.

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