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A social butterfly? If yes then this article for you as we have jotted down some of the best Discord servers that you can join to made friends. The mentioned Discord servers have a large group of members for you to make a friend out of them so have a look and enhance your social circle.

Is Discord a good place to make friends?

You can make quite a lot of friends and meet great people from all over the world on Discord. It is a place where you can hang out and have fun, and importantly, make new friends. It is also a great platform for game and anime lovers.

Best Discord Servers to make friends

Below is the list of the best Discord server to make friends:

  1. Daddy
  2. Chillzone
  3. Weeb Empire
  4. Anime Soul Discord
  5. The Choco Bar

Let’s have a chat about them in detail.

1] Daddy

Best Discord Servers to make friends for you to join
The first and foremost Discord server on our list is Daddy. In Daddy server, you can find a large ecosystem of 244,680 members for you to exponentially increase your social circle.
At any time, you can get more than 35,000 active participants on this server, thus ensuring that you won’t get bored. It solely works as a social networking site but it has other attractive features as well. The extraordinary Voice channel is one of them. It has more than 20 voice channels that can guarantee 60 members at a time.
So, if you want to increase your network, join Daddy from here.

2] ChillZone

ChillZone comes is one of the most active Discord servers. 219,900 members are there for you to befriend. A baseless-going conversation is a must in the ChillZone server so you can never get bored. 60,000 active members are there for you to converse at any time of the day.
The best part about these members is that they not only are active all the time, but they also have some interesting interests such as games, anime, and whatnot.
It has almost every age group using the ChillZone server so there is no age limit. So, if you are looking for younger or aged friends, join ChillZone from here.

3]Weeb Empire

Weeb Empires is an ideal server to make new friends and can be categorized as one of the active servers of Discord.

If you are an anime fan, gamer, etc then no need to look further as you can find friends who have the same desires and interests. It is an anime hub that has +90,000 and approx. 30,000 active members, all the time, waiting for you to make them your friend.
So, chat, make friends, talk about games, anime, I am not here to judge. You can join Weeb Empire from here.
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4] Anime Soul Discord

Best Discord Servers to make friends
If you are an anime fan then this is one of the best Discord Server for you as you can make friends who have the same taste as yours. This server basically aims to accumulate all the anime fans and discuss interesting facts about one of the most amazing worlds in the animated universe.
Anime Soul has an enormous network of almost 47k users. So, if you are trying to make friends who love anime then Anime Soul Discord is the way to go. You can join Anime Soul Discord from here.

5] The Choco Bar

The Choco Bar is a very random socializing channel. Unlike most of the channels on our list, which have a theme, the main aim of this group is to accumulate people and talk random stuff. So, because of this, anyone can join the group irrespective of their interest.
However, some of the topics that most of the users talk on this group are fashion, art, literature, politics, etc. So, if you are interested in these genres, you can join this group. To join The Choco Bar, click here.

How do you get more friends on Discord?

To add a new friend directly, you have to open the Discord app on your mobile device, then select the Friends tab in the bottom menu. You will see a list of your friends and their online or offline status. To add a new friend on Discord, simply tap the Add Friend icon in the top-right corner.
Hopefully, we have contributed to increasing your Network and make you some new and interesting friends.
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