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To unban someone on Discord is an easy job. Instead of an account ban like most social media platforms, Discord bans target the IP of the user instead. So, no matter how many accounts they make to contact you or infiltrate your server, they will remain barred.
Some bans are even on their phone numbers so any account registered under that number is banned too. This feature is excellent for users who are offensive, spamming or violating any rules. But if you think they’ve served their time in the “ban prison” list, keep reading to find out how to unban someone!
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Not all bans are permanent. There are different types and intensities of bans depending on the user’s actions. Some bans last a short time and are temporary, while some bans are permanent in serious cases. Here is the longevity of different types of ban levels on Discord:
Once banned, the user will be removed from the server too. So, you will have to re-invite them if you want them to rejoin the server. Here’s how to unban someone from the Discord server:
Open the Discord app or its web version on Mac, Windows, or any other PC. After that, here’s what you’ll need to do.
The user is now successfully unbanned. 
Whether you’re on Android, iPhone, or iPad, the process to ban or unban a user is the same. Here’s how you can do it:
Now, you’ve unbanned a user from your phone. 
Like any other platform, unbanning a user through discord Bots is no different. And if you prefer this method more, you can use any of these bots: “mee6, Dyno and Carl bots“. Then, follow these steps:
If you think you have been wrongfully banned by a server admin or Discord, here’s what you can do:
Talk it out in a civilized manner and see if you can persuade them into unbanning you!
Note: Type !link , and !init in the appeal server
When you kick a user, it simply means they’re removed from your server. There are no other serious consequences attached to kicking a user. The kicked user will not be refrained from using Discord or have their account deleted. 
Kicks are temporary and don’t have a restricted time period. On private servers, kicked users can eventually join the same server again if someone from the server sends them an invite. If the server is public, users can rejoin themselves. 
Only server moderators and admins have access to kick a user. If you’re an admin of a large server, you can also kick or prune multiple users at once. If you don’t want to kick users manually, you can even code a “Kick Command”, and your bot can help you kick unwanted or inactive users. 
Kicks are limited to a server and Discord itself can’t determine to kick a user. However, Discord can ban users. 
Bans are more serious and have different levels on Discord. There are mainly two types of bans: “Server Ban” and “Platform Ban”.
“Server bans” are limited to one server. If a person gets banned by a moderator of a particular server, they’re only banned from that IP address. They can join other servers and can continue using Discord. If the moderator unbans the banned user, they can rejoin the server. 
“Platform ban” is more serious and only Discord, the app itself, has the power to perform this action. Discord has its set policies and community guidelines. If a user breaks any of them or their id gets reported by multiple other users for violating their policy, the responsible user gets permanently banned. This is a system-wide ban and can’t be revoked. 
Yes, both server bans and permanent bans are IP bans, meaning no matter through which medium, the user can’t access Discord with their current IP address.
Unless the user moves to a different place and uses a different IP address, they are banned from using Discord even if they create multiple new accounts. 
If the invite links are not working or the server is nowhere to be found in your Discord’s server list, it’s most likely because you’ve been banned. You can also ask a friend to check your username in the server list through their phone. If your name is not there, it means you’ve been banned. 
You can also try using a different IP address and account and go to the same invite link to see if it was really expired or not. 
Discord is strict about maintaining community guidelines and supports banning users who violate policies. So, to encourage it further and not create a dispute among the users, Discord does not notify the banned user about who kicked them. 
No, kicked users will not get a notification that they’ve been kicked. They will not find the server on their Discord, and the link will be shown as expired.  
There’s no direct and simple way to unban yourself on someone else’s Discord server. But, you can rejoin the Discord server if you connect to a new IP address and make a new account.
You can also message the admins of the server through a different platform to lift your ban if you were banned unfairly. You can try contacting Discord’s customer service as well. You can also complain to Discord about the undeserving ban by going to Discord’s homepage and submitting a request.
Choose the “Trust and Safety” option in the “What can we help you withsection. Also, add in your email id, and more and give you reasoning and click on “Submit”.
While it may seem helpful, it’s best to note that Discord will require you to provide hard evidence of your unreasonable ban. If they are not convinced, they may ignore your appeal. 
The main problem is the IP address. So, you can use either your cellular data or a VPN to connect to a new IP address. Since Discord won’t recognize the new IP address, you’ll be able to use the server again.
You’ll also need to create a new account. However, this isn’t sustainable and reliable as extra data plans and premium VPNs can be costly in the long run. If you were only kicked from a server, you can make a new account and rejoin the server. 
There’s no easy, quick button to unban multiple members at once on Discord. However, you may use “RootBot” to unban multiple members at once. 
It’s important to determine whether a user deserves unbanning them or not. If they are innocent, they deserve to get unbanned. However, if they have violated the rules multiple times, they’re better off not using Discord. 
If you get banned for violating policies, it’s important to follow Discord’s community guidelines and policies with respect. 
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