Warframe: The New War Hotfix 31.0.4 Adds Option to Disable Network Caches – Player.One

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Do you play Warframe? If so, do you find yourself in a situation where the launcher stalls or takes too long to install any new updates? Well apparently, this is a common issue and that is what the recently released Hotfix 31.0.4 aims to address.
To fix the issue, there is an option added to the game’s launcher to disallow the use of network caches. By default, network caches are enabled to speed up the process of downloading and installing updates. However, in situations like described above, these caches may be misconfigured. That is why not allowing the use of caches may resolve the problem.
In addition, the latest hotfix solves some problems in The New War quest. For instance, the issue where some enemies would spawn behind locked doors during one of the mini-boss fights in the said questline is now fixed.
Hotfix 31.0.4 Highlights
Warframe Hotfix 31.0.4 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.




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