GTA Online YouTuber claims that Rockstar “ignores” cheaters –

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Rockstar’s Live Chat helpfulness has been called into question as one GTA Online YouTuber received an eye-opening response about a cheater.
GTA Online players were shocked by the response from Rockstar’s Live support team as a question regarding a cheater was met with a puzzling answer.

Cheating seems to be rife in lots of games these days as hackers can infiltrate servers and manipulate them to their liking. Warzone has had a very public battle with hackers, leading to the inception of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system.
Other games have been subjected to cheaters and hackers, and GTA Online is another victim. Despite GTA 5 having been out for over eight years, it’s still vulnerable to hacking. A popular GTA YouTuber recently questioned Rockstar’s Live Chat team about a hacker they had encountered and were shocked by the response.
TGG is a YouTuber that regularly makes GTA Online content and has nearly 1 million subscribers. He enjoys the game, but his recent experience with the devs’ support team left him shocked.
“Just did one of those Live Chats with Rockstar Support about cheaters. Guys the solution to stopping GTA Online cheaters is…(drumroll please) “Have you tried finding a new lobby?” I AM NOT KIDDING! THEY ACTUALLY SAID THAT.”
Now, people will argue that there’s not too much else they can do if there is no adequate system in place for hackers. However, for a game that is coming up to a decade old, it seems players are tired of Rockstar’s inability to communicate properly with their players.
Just did one of those Live Chats with Rockstar Support about cheaters.

Guys the solution to stopping GTA Online cheaters is… (drumroll please)

“Have you tried finding a new lobby?”

TGG posted a full YouTube video to his Twitter page that showed the exchange. The support employee recommended that TGG should report cheaters and that they “will be looking into it.” It feels like a very typical response that is probably said to most players suffering from this problem, and it only got worse.
The support team member then told TGG to “try changing session and see if the issue persists.” TGG laughed this off and understood that there just isn’t much the chat helper can do, and it’s more an issue higher up in Rockstar Games.
He said: “When people who have paid $60 for your game and continue to pay money through Shark Cards [GTA Online’s microtransaction currency] and support this game long-term, and you just completely ignore them when they’re having issues, especially with a common issue like cheating, that in 2021 should be somewhat easy to fix, when issues like that you’re just completely silent about, it just make everyone in the community feel absolutely worthless.”
TGG goes on to say that he, and the rest of the community, love GTA Online, and he just wants the devs to talk more so that everyone can make it the best game it can be.
With GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded due in 2022, Rockstar might finally feel it’s time to address this serious matter.
Image Credit: Rockstar Games
Apex Legends players are calling Respawn Entertainment to implement a simple change to Bangalore’s ultimate ability.
Apex Legends players feel that Bangalore is in need of a buff and are calling for Respawn Entertainment to implement a simple change to her ultimate ability.

There are now a whopping 20 different characters to choose from in Apex Legends, and Bangalore remains amongst the top ten most popular Legends in the battle royale during Season 12.
While she’s still extremely popular, Apex Legends players feel that the character isn’t particularly well-balanced, and are calling for the developers to implement some changes, mainly to her ultimate.
Bangalore’s ultimate ability in Apex Legends is called Rolling Thunder and allows players to bring in an artillery strike that explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies as well as herself.
Reddit user ‘Lencor’ wants this to change, as they asked the question; “What if Bangalore’s ultimate instead of slowing and damaging her would trigger her passive speed boost like in the actual Apex trailer?”
If Respawn Entertainment implement this change, then Bangalore mains would be able to use her ultimate without the fear of taking damage as the artillery strike slowly moves across the landscape.
This led to a variety of different reactions in the comments, with some users being on board with this idea. One commenter wrote: “I agree 100%. She is decent, but still, she could use a little buff.”
Another commenter stated that they’re “tired of everyone always saying that [Bangalore] is balanced,” claiming that there are currently too many scan counters to her smoke, and this change would help improve her playability.
One player claimed that Bangalore “doesn’t need many changes currently,” but also added that if the developers want to make some changes then they could just “give her a laser and a maximum range.”
Considering that Bangalore is still a fairly popular pick in Apex Legends Season 12, there’s no guarantee that Respawn Entertainment will bring a major change to her ultimate anytime soon, but the community is certainly hoping for one.
For more Apex Legends content, check out how to play Apex Legends on Steam Deck as well as our piece on everything you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile.
Image credits: Respawn Entertainment
The Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards are out for the week of March 4. Use our quick and easy guide to see what items can be redeemed.
Players who love to battle it out in competitive PvP action to earn Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards can now see what the week of March 4 has to offer.

Destiny 2‘s Trial of Osiris has become a staple of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter, thanks to its heated action, and the rewards for March 4 are now available to see.
One of the most popular game modes that the first-person shooter offers is, no doubt, Trials of Osiris, which is the game’s competitive multiplayer playlist that allows Guardians to test their skills against other players.
One of the exciting factors of this game mode, besides proving your skills, is the new set of rewards that players can earn with their success every week. Here is the newest set of Trials of Osiris rewards in Destiny 2, the Witch Queen update.
The Trials of Osiris is an end-game Crucible event that resets its rewards and map on Fridays at 9 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6 PM GMT. The more reputation you can earn in Bungie’s Trials of Osiris, the better quality of rewards you will receive in Destiny 2.
The map that players fight on changes each week, but as the trials won’t be returning until March 11 when the Raid commences, let’s take a look at the previous map and rewards.
Here is the map for Trials of Osiris from the previous week:
Here is the complete list of Trials of Osiris rewards for the previous week:
To earn the Flawless Reward, players will need to win seven Trials of Osiris matches without losing a single game.
It’s a tough feat, no doubt, but it’s doable with enough skill, patience, and understanding of the game’s mechanics.
Hopefully, this next week’s Trials of Osiris rewards are worth you going after and can be used to make your overall Destiny 2 experience more fruitful and enjoyable!
Also, check out how to get the Glaive in Destiny 2 Witch Queen, including all the Exotic Glaive variants.
Image Credits: Bungie
Here is where you can find Xur the Merchant and get different Exotic items for yourself when playing Destiny 2.
You can get Exotic items for yourself in Destiny 2 by visiting Xur the merchant. This character moves around, so here is his location and all the items that you can get from him.

Destiny 2 has become a classic since its release in 2017, with a large player base in 2021. The Witch Queen update has added new content for players like the brand new weapon type, Glaives.
You can also get different Exotic items each week by visiting the merchant, Xur. He hangs out in random locations around the map, and this guide will let you know where to find him along with his inventory.
Xur’s location in Destiny 2 changes each week. Currently, Xur can be found in the Tower by the Hanger.
Once you visit him, you can get yourself some neat new Exotic items to use in the game. Xur will provide you with items that are at the same power level as you.
You can find all of the items available for sale from Xur this week in Destiny 2 below:
This week’s collection of wares consists of impressive weapons, helmets, quests, and cosmetic items.
You can equip these and reap their benefits when running into combat in Destiny 2 if you are looking for some new things to use against your enemies.
Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for more Destiny 2, and for more on gaming news, check out our piece on Sony’s acquisition of Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2.
Image Credits: Bungie
Apex Legends players are calling Respawn Entertainment to implement a simple change to Bangalore’s ultimate ability.
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