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Like all multiplayer games, Halo Infinite has a handful of connection errors and server issues that players will experience when trying to log into the game. This is especially true for the first few days after launch when the servers are getting hammered with new players. To top it all off, Halo Infinite multiplayer is completely free to play, so there’s a huge influx of players logging in across Xbox and PC. Here’s how you can fix any Halo Infinite connection error or server problem.
Of course, the launch window is expected to be filled with server issues and connection problems. If the issues are with the game’s servers, then stay tuned to 343’s Twitter page and other social media accounts as the studio is typically very open with communication about connection errors. Halo Infinite’s flights ran smoothly for the most part, so any potential issues should be ironed out relatively quickly.
>Incoming UNSC Archives transmission: ✅
6:00AM PT, Saturday.#Become #HaloInfinite pic.twitter.com/1F6LA5wweI
— Halo (@Halo) November 12, 2021

That doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly though, so if you’re encountering connection errors, try restarting your console or PC. A simple reboot could be all it takes to get you into the game. You can also test your network connection if you’re playing on Xbox. For PC players, try closing any overlays like Discord or Afterburner. These may interfere with the game. If all else fails, then the Halo Infinite servers themselves are likely at fault, and there’s not much you can do in that situation other than wait.
If there’s not a major problem on the server side of things, then your own personal connection may be at fault. If that’s the case, then most of the fixes that work for other games will also work here. These issues will fix most Halo Infinite server issues.
If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and nothing is working, then that means there’s likely just an issue with the game’s servers. Server-side issues can’t be fixed on your end, so you’ll just have to wait for 343 to issue a fix. There are plenty of server problems expected during the initial launch window, as is the case with most multiplayer games, but 343 will work diligently to address any connection errors just as they did with the technical previews and flights leading up to launch.
Halo Infinite will be released on December 8, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


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