Will using PUBG Mobile Lite mods or hacks get your accounts banned? – Sportskeeda

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PUBG Mobile Lite, as its name suggests, is the lighter and more optimized version of the original mobile game, PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite caters to a larger audience worldwide as the Lite version of the game can be played smoothly even on low-end devices.
Since PUBG Mobile Lite was released in 2019, this particular version of the game gradually grew in popularity and its market rose. However, the presence of hackers within the game and their increasing numbers in the last few months has led to Krafton and Tencent handing out bans to many players.
There are some players in the mobile gaming community who always try and take different methods to earn easy rewards or gain advantage over other players on the battlegrounds through unfair means. However, they must keep in mind that any use of unfair means through modification mechanisms or hacks can get accounts banned.
The developers of the game have taken serious actions against hackers previously as well. Additionally, they have declared rewards for those players who will help in reporting and banning hackers.
In PUBG Mobile Lite’s official support communications, the developers have stressed that the function of the new anti-cheat system would keep a strict watch on the activities of the players and have cited reasons for banning accounts.
Here’s a look at the different cited reasons:
Use of cheating tools in the game: Cheating tools, as the name indicates, are intended for cheating. Since the developers of PUBG Mobile Lite try to keep the game fair for all users, cheating is strictly prohibited.
Using auxiliary programs or plug-ins: PUBG Mobile Lite officials have continuously pointed out that auxiliary (third party) plug-ins should not be used.
Any changes to client file data illegally: This is where the point of modified apps and files (mods) arrive. Mod files try to decrypt the in-game files and rearrange them according to the user’s needs. This results in the player using mods to gain an unfair advantage over others. PUBG Mobile Lite’s policy goes highly against this.
Playing repeatedly with teammates that are cheating: PUBG Mobile Lite officials also focus on the sportsmanship of all players. Players who repeatedly play with teammates that are cheating will also face a ban as they are guilty of supporting hackers.
Note: It has to be kept in mind that both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned in India. Players are requested to play BGMI or wait for BGMI Lite to be released.

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