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Nothing’s as fun when you’re poor – here’s how to make the most out of Los Santos and live lavishly.
Unfortunately, the old-school formula of whacking in a series of buttons to spawn a vehicle or generate money doesn’t work in Rockstar’s online Los Santos.
This obviously makes complete sense as Rockstar sell Shark Cards, in which gamers spend real money in exchange for in-game currency – cheat codes would make this system obsolete.
However, there does remain a few ways in which you can make money in GTA Online both legitimately and through taking advantage of glitches.
Keep reading to find out more.
There was a time in which gamers could purchase "mod menus" from shady developers, which allowed you to implement certain hacks and cheats online.
Do NOT do this as the only thing you’ll end up with is a permanent account ban from Rockstar.
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In addition, don’t fall for online services that claim to generate in-game currency for you in return for your Rockstar details.
These are all SCAMS.
Right, now that’s out the way.
Occasionally a legitimate money glitch does arise in GTA Online.
The most recent one we covered was a glitch which allowed you to make unlimited money through betting in the Inside Track room in the Casino.
You can find out exactly how that glitch works here.
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However, Rockstar inevitably finds out about these glitches and shut them down – but, it’s worth checking Youtube every now again to see if a new money glitch has surfaced.
We’re sure you’re bored of hearing this, but the best way to make money in GTA Online is through legitimate methods.
If you put just a little bit of time into researching the most effective methods, you’ll become a virtual millionaire in no time.
The best way to do this is by using money making guides on sites such as GTA Boom.
It’s also well worth keeping your eyes peeled for the weekly offers that Rockstar release.
Each week new missions or events are given double payouts (this week it’s survival) and there are sales across a ton of online assets.
See this week’s weekly promotions here.
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