"Warzone is dogs**t": NickMercs loses it while spectating hacker, worries about hacks coming to console next – Sportskeeda

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Call of Duty Warzone is currently not in the best space, with hackers and cheaters swarming every lobby and legit players getting more frustrated by the day. Season 4 of Warzone had an extremely rocky start, with Raven Software messing up balance changes and releasing an overpowered LMG, which they had to nerf days after the launch.
Streamers and content creators constantly complain about the game and Activision’s laziness to install a working anti-cheat that will detect cheaters in the lobby before a game starts and not ruin the experience. Raven Software and Activision have banned over 500,000 profiles to date, but these manual ban waves hardly affect these wrongdoers. Hackers simply create another profile and jump right back with the same hacks and low moral compass.
Famous Twitch streamer Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff is the latest among Warzone content creators to call the game “dogs**t.” Dr Disrespect, 100 Thieves Tommy and many others have time and again raged at the game.
Nickmercs is famous for his rages, but after his whole squad was wiped out by a hacker in Verdansk, all he could do was a smirk. Instead of commenting further on what happened, the YouTuber asked his live stream chat if Halo: Infinite beta is out, suggesting a possible shift from Warzone.
The gamer said:
Nickmercs also mentioned to his chat that, lately, he had an idea about hacks making it to console.
The cheat uses machine learning and sends input to your controller whenever it sees a valid target, this is aim assist but more amplified without you even needing to do anything all you have to do is aim in the general area and the machine will do the work for you
Consoles are considered a legit gaming environment as there are no known third-party hacks that users can activate.
Is this detectable? yes, but it will be a pain for the developers to detect this it will certainly not be an easy job to detect these types of cheats, this already exists on PC but now is available in console
However, it seems like things are changing, and it is devastating to think what Warzone lobbies will be like if console and PC hackers dive into the same one together.
Legit players can forget about winning matches, as it will become a battleground to discover who has the most expensive hacks to win the game via cheating.

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