Andorra's Internet brought down by DDoS attack aiming to disrupt Minecraft competition – DatacenterDynamics

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If you can't beat them, disconnect them
A landlocked microstate in Europe was briefly brought offline in a DDoS attack that was launched to disrupt a video game.
The distributed denial-of-service attack targeted Andorra Telcom, the only telecoms company in Andorra, taking several players taking part in the Twitch Rivals tournament SquidCraft Games, a Minecraft challenge styled after the Netflix show Squid Games.
The last player standing stood to net $100,000.
Among those taken out of the match was Auron, who has 11.4 million followers on Twitch. He tweeted that he was quitting the game due to the outages and hoped that it would mean the DDoS attacks would stop.
“Several denial of service (DDoS) attacks that sought to harm the programming of some YouTubers, have affected the Internet and 4G service of some Andorra Telecom customers,” Andorra Telcom said (translated).
The attack brought the nation's connectivity to around 37.5 percent, Internet monitor NetBlocks found.
Andorra has a population of around 77,543 and is bordered by France to the north and Spain to the south. The state owns the sole telecoms company, Andorra Telecom, which also runs a small data center colocation business out of the parish of La Massana.
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