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Gen.G the parent company of the Seoul Dynasty announced this week a new discord. This new discord will act as a thread between all the new teams and fans that the organization has accrued during this time. This new discord brings the organization a chance to bring together all their fans from all the different esport teams that they have built. This has been in the works for a long time. The launch of the new Gen.G discord integrates new features but also brings into question what will happen to their two other servers.
Introducing Gen.G's TIGERNATION, a new Discord community for all our fans‼
Come get to know our teams + join us in a new beginning! 🐯🤩
— Gen.G Esports (@GenG) November 29, 2021

The Gen.G server, unlike the old one, is not just Gen.G Esports but instead is geared more towards the fans with the Gen.G Tigernation. The new Gen.G server has multiple languages that are supported. This is essential with the organization firmly within both North America and South Korea. This server is now a place for fans of League of Legends, Valorant, the Seoul Dynasty, PUBG, and the Gen.G Tigers to interact and hopefully learn from each other.
The information about the streams and announcements is still present in this new discord. But a new feature is the ‘Media Day’ which gives information on opportunities for the fans to interact more. For example, there is an upcoming Question and Answer session coming up for League of the Legends with information on where to watch it in Korean, Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.
Unlike the old discord this new one is much more streamlined and business. There is no anime or kpop channel but instead is focused on the teams.
Gen.G Esports discord is a mod podge of many different areas. Streams are announced and so is rosters. But there is no specific spot for certain fans of certain teams to go. It is more a holistic discord for fans to chat. There is less structure, but a good place to chat with others who support the organization. This is the discord that is most at risk for disappearing as the purpose of the new discord is very similar but more structured,
The Seoul Dynasty server is purely for the Overwatch League teams. There is nothing about the other teams under Gen.G other than in general chat from time to time. Of the two discords, the Seoul Dynasty has more of the staying power. The specific nature of it gives it more usefulness.
.@arnoldwh explains why we are launching our TIGERNATION Discord community, a place for all @GenG @GenG_KR @SeoulDynasty @GenGTigersSH fans.
— Gen.G Esports (@GenG) November 29, 2021

It will be interesting to see how Gen.G decides to manage the three discords. It was a needed move as even in the tweet Gen.G, Gen.G Korea, the Seoul Dynasty, and the Gen.G Tigers all had to be tagged. As an organization, Gen.G has a lot of moving parts but this is a way to centralize all the fans and information. This in turn will be a place for conversation with fans and fan engagement. As Arnold Hur mentioned in his video this is being looked at as a beta version so that Gen.G can continually work towards building a stronger community.
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