GTA 5 V-Reloaded Mod Adds a Magic Touch to Los Santos – DualShockers

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You don’t want to miss this one!
By Mehrdad Khayyat
GTA 5 V-Reloaded mod is the missing enhancement update for PC that is now available in the Early Access phase!
Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced Edition is yet to be released, and even after launch, it will only be available for consoles, which leaves PC players with the unofficial mods that sometimes could seriously challenge Rockstar’s very own enhancement update!
Hopefully, Take-Two has not reacted negatively towards the visual enhancement mods for Grand Theft Auto 5, which leaves modders at peace to take their time and deliver a realistic experience for PC players.
Recently, a trailer was shared by ZΣD, the modder behind the V-Reloaded enhancement mod, and it shows the amazing overhaul of Los Santos!
Featuring licensed cars and city locations, V-Reloaded is like a new breath for GTA 5 players that will support both single-player missions and FiveM multiplayer.
V-Reloaded strictly focuses on improving the environment of the game by significantly enhancing the water quality, moon quality, shadows, color saturation, swimming pools, and more. Below, you can check out the list of important improvements coming with this work-in-progress mod:
Below, you can take a look at the V-Reloaded Early Access trailer:
Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Enhanced Edition will be available on March 15 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.
V-Reloaded is currently available for the Patreon supporters of the modder in Early Access. The full version of the mod doesn’t have a release date yet.
Mehrdad (He/Him) is a Senior Staff Writer at DualShockers. He started writing about video games when he was a high-school student. He’s probably one of those rare Rainbow Six Siege fans that have the game installed and updated on every available platform.

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