Warframe: What is Baro Ki'Teer Selling This Weekend? (Sept. 24, 2021) – Attack of the Fanboy

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Our favorite void trader in Warframe is back for the next two days, so it’s that time to farm up some Prime parts. Baro Ki’Teer. He has some pretty neat items this time around, especially on PC. For console folks, he’s got things that you could mostly miss out on and not worry about. This is where Baro will be for this weekend.
A note for PC and Xbox Warframe players: you will need to be at least Mastery Rank 4 to access these Relays. Any who, here are the wares that Baro Ki’Teer is selling for the weekend.
You’ll really want to capitalize on the Voltaic Strike and Primed Cryo Rounds mods first. An ideal alternative is to purchase the Prisma items in rotation this week, specifically the Twin Gremlins. They’re the best weapon of the bunch. Still, pick them all up for mastery purposes.
You don’t need to go for Sweeping Serration because it can be acquired via Eidolon hunts. Primed Ammo Stock is the newest addition for Baro’s wares, but magazine capacity isn’t all that useful in the grand scheme of things.
As for everything else, have at it. Cosmetics are lots of fun once you’ve built a decent arsenal.


The only real things worth getting from Baro Ki’Teer on console side are Primed Pressure Point, the Prisma Angstrum, Prisma Obex, and Axi A2 Relics. Everything else is mostly cosmetic.
The Smite mods are just okay, but too situational when it comes to running missions constantly. Changing builds just to swap out the mods ruins the overall flow of Warframe. Unless you’re a collector and really want to dish out the most with these mods, by all means, go ahead.
Remember to check Baro out now before he goes back into the Void for another two weeks! Check out additional Warframe content like news and guides by clicking here.

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