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The Ghoulsaw has been known to eventually come into Warframe even before the Sevagoth update. It looked really interesting and would also be a new inclusion of melee weapon types in the game. Assault Saws really aren’t the type of weapon you’d see space ninjas using, but it sure is a welcomed one.
This weapon was introduced in Update 30.7 which also marked the reintroduction of the popular Plague Star event. Here is how to get the weapon.
In order to obtain this new Assault Saw weapon, you’ll need to partake in Operation: Plague Star. To get started, visit Nakak at Cetus. She’ll tell you about the infestation that is taking over the Plains of Eidolon. Then, visit Konzu to partake in the bounty. It is highly suggested you play this in a group or in Public matches. Having a team makes this event go so much smoother.
Completing these bounties will reward you Operational Supply standing that you can spend at Nakak back in Cetus. The Operational Supply standing you acquire can be used to buy the many wares she has in her Plague Star shop, including the Ghoulsaw, the weapon stance for it, and its parts.
These are the parts needed for the Ghoulsaw as well as their crafting components:
Ghoulsaw Blade Blueprint
Ghoulsaw Chassis Blueprint
Ghoulsaw Engine Blueprint
Ghoulsaw Grip Blueprint
Ghoulsaw Blueprint


Each Ghoulsaw part requires 4,000 Operational Supply standing, needing a total of 20,000. The stance mod for it, Butcher’s Revelry, requires 3,000 standing. Also note, each part of this weapon needs to be crafted.
Additionally, you can buy the Ghoulsaw fully built with an Orokin Catalyst installed plus its Stance Mod for 275 Platinum in the Market. It’s in a bundle called the Ghoulsaw Revelry Pack.
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– This article was updated on September 9th, 2021
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