The NFT Space Has A New Entrant Who Is Rising High As An Entrepreneur – Goon – Outlook India

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Popular as @NFTgoonie, this industry expert owns ‘Alpha Land’ which has made its strong foothold in the NFT sphere.
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This poem, translated from the original in Meitei by Khuraijam Nirupama, was composed for a pre-election poetry recital event titled Ethical Election, organised by Youth Collective Manipur.
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Reflections on lasting themes like Partition, changing trends like alienation, and the lack of gender and caste perspectives in Hindi literature
Updated: 17 Mar 2022 3:07 pm
There is no dearth of opportunities spread across various industries, and one just has to grasp the right one to go ahead and embrace success. There are many such individuals who have walked down unknown territories and conquered them owing to their passion to make it to the top. One name that caught our attention who has gone all the way to achieve the best in his line of work is that of Goon, an NFT expert who has done exceptionally well, even establishing himself as an entrepreneur owning 'Alphaland', a popular Discord community which is a hit amongst NFT enthusiasts.
Popular as @NFTgoonie, this industry expert owns “Alpha Land,” which has made its strong foothold in the NFT sphere.
Goon informs us that he was never inclined towards this space initially and was just observing it from a distance. Eventually he decided to plunge into it with the intention to make it big. Speaking about his decision to get hold of the NFT space, he says, "when the digital assets debuted, there was no noise about it, but steadily it started gaining momentum, and within a short time it became hot property, drawing hordes towards. Looking at the great potential it carried, there were no second thoughts of staying away from it, and I finally stepped in to capitalize on its potential."

Today, Goon is popular on his social media as @NFTgoonie and is taking giant strides in achieving the impossible. What seemed difficult in the initial stages has become cakewalk for him now as he holds mastery over the subject, having grabbed it from its roots and even spreading his knowledge amongst those who are interested to make NFTs work for them. He has also made quite a name for himself by founding 'Alphaland', which is a strong community of NFT and crypto enthusiasts who share their journey with each other. As a passionate investor and entrepreneur, Goon has grasped the nitty-gritty's of the industry well and has established himself as a powerhouse who makes NFTs work at the snap of his fingers.
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